How to care for extended lashes? Eyelashes Naroscheny - photos, reviews

Like many women today tends to look amazing, using the gifts of civilization! So, one of the benefits of modern humanity in cosmetology can be called eyelash. However, not every woman knows how to care for extended lashes. After all, even the artificial eyelashes in combination with natural require some care.

How to care for extended lashes? Eyelashes Naroscheny - photos, reviews

Methods eyelash

So, there are following methods of building:

  1. Surround effect. It is understood that a master selects a short cilia long that they seemed lush and voluminous. Such a build-up method is suitable for a business meeting. How to care for extended lashes? Eyelashes Naroscheny - photos, reviews
  2. The effect of doll. The master selects one eyelash length and adheres to every kind, turned to look like dolls. With those eyes, you can go to a club with a faint and flickering light.
  3. Squirrel look. This option assumes that the master is used to build short cilia all over the eye line. Only at the outer corner to be glued false-lashes more length.
  4. Fox look. With such a procedure required false-lashes of different lengths. Soon they will be attached at the inner corner of the eye, the longest - from the outside. In this case, you can achieve the sensual and delicate look to go on a romantic date.
  5. Festive option. Here it is possible to show imagination and bring different ideas to the cilia of different lengths and colors, textures and shapes. Of course, this option is preferable still for carnivals and festivals.

The basic rules of care

So, to know how to care for extended lashes, you need to perform a few rules:

  • must try to touch as little as possible to the lashes. It is best to look in the mirror and make sure that everything is fine. Frequent touching is mechanical action, so can damage the components of the adhesive in nature.
  • Every day, you need to comb the eyelashes, whether they are natural or accrued. Special brush comb helps untangle bundles and look neat. Of course, you should not abuse this procedure to prevent premature hair loss.
  • It is strictly not recommended to sleep face in the pillow until natural lashes "enriched" artificial. If this rule is not followed, then the graft of "hair" will disappear soon.
  • As for the steam rooms, saunas and baths, you should remember that high temperatures are contributing to the destruction of the adhesive composition. You need to make sure that the room temperature does not rise up to 80-90 degrees.
  • After visiting the pool with chlorinated or salt water to gently wet towel eyes, without exerting much pressure. It is advisable not to go to sea, but if you really unbearable - then you can go on a trip.
  • During the "wearing" lashes should avoid fatty and oily agents, creams, lotions and masks. Shadows can be used, but the ink is no longer needed. Look and so stunning. In either case, select brasmatik without abrasive substances on an aqueous basis. Should forget about waterproof mascara for a while "carrying" of artificial eyelashes. You need to use makeup remover without fats and oils. Apply it lightly without pressure.
  • After coming from the street should be careful to wash and no less carefully wet towel eyelids. This procedure contributes to maintaining cleanliness. A hairdryer to use, you should not. For drying eyelashes can use the fan.
  • Curling eyelashes masters do not recommend. Such procedures eye "hair" just will not stand.

So, after studying these simple rules became clear, how to care for extended lashes. Subject to all of these moments false-lashes hold out long enough.

Caring for natural lashes in the recovery period

How to care for extended lashes? Eyelashes Naroscheny - photos, reviews

Girls running fashion, need to understand that natural lashes require a rest from artificial "clothes". If you own eyelashes weakened after removal of extension, then you can try to recover their "health" of a mixture of natural oils:

  • and chamomile extracts of calendula mixed with castor oil in equal proportions, the resulting "solution" is applied with a brush on the eye.
  • Burdock, castor oil mixed with aloe juice in equal proportions (treatment should be addressed within a month).
  • According to a tablespoon burdock and sea buckthorn oil must be mixed with a tablespoon of rose hips. Infusion should be in a dark place for 10 days. Eyelashes are lubricated every day for 4 weeks.

You have learned how to care for extended lashes at home. These recipes can be used even when the artificial "hair" is attached to the natural eyelash.


Create lashes strongly recommended not at home, because this should be done by highly skilled craftsmen. By the way, does not fit all eyelash. This procedure is contraindicated in those who have an allergy or conjunctivitis. Also can not use false-lashes the girl with weak eyelashes.

How do I remove the lashes?

How to care for extended lashes? Eyelashes Naroscheny - photos, reviews

If there is no time for a procedure such as removal of lashes in the salon, then you can try to do it yourself. It is strictly forbidden to pull the false-lashes. This will lead to the loss of natural lashes. It is better to buy a special tool. If there is no, you can use castor oil or burdock.

In this case, the oil must be applied to the eyelashes, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. At night you can lubricate the eyelashes any nourishing oil.

To remove lashes passed without a hitch, you can use a fat cream, applied to the attachment line of false-lashes.

If all else fails, you can try debonder - liquid for destroying the adhesive composition.

The term "service" lashes

How many "serve" lashes, a photo of which beckon fashionistas, it depends on how well she looked after your own eyes for all this time. Typically, this period is about 3-4 weeks. Of course, during this time you need to make a correction, which will allow "podremontirovat" areas requiring attention. Between eyelash eyes need to rest, for example, 2-3 weeks. During this time, natural eyelashes will be able to "gain strength".

How to care for extended lashes? Eyelashes Naroscheny - photos, reviews

In order to accurately understand whether your lashes need, reviews should be considered very carefully. In various forums, the girls share their experiences and advice. All this will make the right choice. If you do not study all the information provided, it is possible to harm your health. Therefore, we must be careful. And eyelash procedure is not complicated and is not dangerous.