Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Often, conventional methods are no longer able to stop hair loss. Even specialized masks or shampoos are powerless against this unpleasant disease. Especially if it is the cause of the disease within the body. Today is considered to be a common disease called seborrhea, when the scalp receives a small amount of essential nutrients, which leads to circulatory problems. Seborrhea is considered the main stimulator of hair loss. This will help to eliminate the nuisance mesotherapy for hair, reviews of which only confirm its effectiveness.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

What is mesotherapy?

This is a procedure in which via injection into the organism is introduced a necessary amount of nutrients. "Cocktails" of hair mesotherapy usually consist of a set of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. It is thanks to them in the scalp are stimulated by those metabolic processes that help easily solve the problem of hair loss by acting on its root cause. Mesotherapy (photos which you can see in this article) is now a very popular procedure. It is used not only for the recovery of the scalp, but also to supply a person or for weight loss.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Why our hair fall out?

Before doing mesotherapy, should find out the cause of your baldness. As a rule, our hair is strong enough, but when reduced activity of the hair follicles, the last stop to create the components that are needed to maintain a healthy vitality hair. So they start to break and fall out. The most common reason for the decline bulbs activity is improper diet. That is what our body does not get all the vitamins and minerals it needs (as are vitamins E, A, B6 and B1), blood circulation is disturbed. Mesotherapy For Hair, reviews of which in most cases are positive, is an effective way to solve this problem. It is often no shampoo, no mask, no other means will not help. Even taking vitamins is not as effective because they often simply do not reach the goal.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Where and how do mesotherapy?

Despite the fact that mesotherapy for hair growth is quite young beauty treatments, she has managed to win the love of wanting to get beautiful curls around the world. Even international stars and Hollywood actors regularly turn to the professionals in order to pass it. All customers trichologist, who came to him with the problem of hair loss, after a thorough inspection and survey, almost immediately get into the beauty parlor for mesotherapy. But it is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that in our country the hair mesotherapy, the price of which is high enough, is not in every cabin. This can be explained by the fact that there is still a sufficient number of professionals in this field. It is therefore necessary to do this procedure in the cabin checked.

The main difference mesotherapy by other techniques that have been popular in the past, is that it allows to introduce a necessary amount of biologically active nutrients directly into the area that was affected. Master carefully select such a composition, which is ideal for a particular client, and enter it into the scalp. All this is carried out using a small, thin needles, and after the process may leave traces of blood and lymph.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy


houses Mesotherapy: is it possible?

Of course, mesotherapy hair at home is possible. Due to the high cost of such a procedure, few people can afford to spend in the beauty salon. In addition, mesotherapy in small towns simply do not offer. But look beautiful and well-groomed want anytime and anywhere, so you can buy a special tool - mezoroller. It can be purchased in specialized online stores with absolutely no problems. It is a small roller, which has a handle and a large number of small needles. Mezoroller help you not only to overcome the hair loss, but also to get rid of cellulite or "double chin". Home Mesotherapy Hair, reviews of which quite positive, is a very simple procedure. Just wash your hair with regular shampoo, dry it, treat the scalp and mezoroller special antiseptic, put on top of the game nutrient composition, spend some time on a roller different parts of the head, paying particular attention to the temples and back of the head. Movements should be smooth from top to bottom. This - the so-called bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy. Today it is very popular among the fashionistas of our country.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

What is the nutrient composition of select?

Of course, to get the positive effects of a procedure such as mesotherapy for hair, preparations must be chosen very carefully. It is their composition and determine how well the result will be. Of course, the easiest way to buy existing serum, which can be found in any specialized shop. But if you want to no injection mesotherapy at home had a greater effect, you can add your own components. It is best to combine vitamin A or E oils that are conventionally used for the care of the head (castor, burdock), cod liver oil. Excellent effect on hair growth unrefined oils which are made from wheat germ oil, shea butter, babassu, coconut or Argan. But choose the ones that were created with the cold-pressed, they are more useful properties. You can also add herbal teas or green tea. Remember, cocktails for hair mesotherapy must consist precisely of organic acids and extracts. Conventionally to create an ideal composition taking 5 g of oil in a solid form, 5 drops of an oil droplet and any extract.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Must know?

Always remember that the hair mesotherapy, cost of which is high enough in the beauty salon, is not the usual beauty treatments. It changes the life processes of the whole organism, directing them in the right direction. You could even say that mesotherapy is similar in action to the surgery, so you should always keep in mind the precautions.

If you do mesotherapy home using mezorollera, then in any case do not let anyone use it. Remember that there is a needle in the syringe, and to do so - is extremely dangerous. In order not to infect themselves and do not worsen the condition of his health, always remember about hygiene.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Contraindications for the use of mesotherapy and when it recommended?

Mesotherapy For Hair, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness, and has its contraindications. It can not be done during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you suffer from allergies (especially if you are allergic to components of the drug), if you have had diabetes, cancer, gallstone disease or epilepsy, if you have any blood disease or there is inflammation of the skin. You also can not do mesotherapy, if you have the flu or a viral infection picked up.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Experts recommend spending mesotherapy is not only in the case if the hair fall out trite, but in the case of seborrhea, ringworm, dandruff or itching of the head, if you have too much whipped hair. Consider the fact that this procedure helps to easily deal with the problems that are in the skin. But in that case, if the problem with the hair you have started after hormonal failure or any chronic disease, then it will not bring noticeable effect.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

What features distinguish mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy for hair, preparations for which allow to make your hair beautiful and attractive, as well as get rid of their loss, has several features. On them you need to know if you are going to carry out this procedure.

Firstly, it is a very painful procedure. Injections do, getting to 4 mm in the scalp. In this case, injections are made every 1, 5 cm. Of course, the needle is quite thin, but feel it, you will still be strong. Therefore, it is better to set yourself up for a painful sensation.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Secondly, we must understand that the mere procedure of the course will give you nothing. To obtain visible results, you must complete the entire course of treatment from start to finish. As a rule, in the course includes 8 treatments. Half do every week, and then - every 14 days. Later, you can make mesotherapy once a month to maintain the results.

Third, vymozhete be absolutely sure that mesotherapy hair ( "before" and "after" photos confirm it) is quite effective. Already after a few courses you will see that the hair is not so often fall. it also affects the appearance of hair and their brilliance.

Fourth, cosmetologists say that the result, you can see only half a year after the passed year. Although the first improvement you will see after the first month.

Fifth, you need to know what components are normally included in the preparations. Typically preparations for mesotherapy based on sulfur and various amino acids, which help to increase the amount of generated keratin. It was his skeleton proteins form filaments. Almost every drug has buflomedil, which stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which improves metabolism. Thus, increasing the flow of oxygen, minerals, vitamins and other important elements. A very important role in these preparations are playing bioflovanoidov derivatives, in particular routines. As practice shows, it allows you to improve the strength of capillaries and stabilize the cell membrane. Almost all drugs are bound to have B vitamins and zinc. This combination prevents hair loss, regulates the fat cells and removes outdated prevents dandruff. Mesotherapy is also sometimes helps to get rid of gray hair, especially if used in the preparations include precursors of melanin. Also obyaschatelno presence of zinc, selenium, magnesium and copper. These minerals have long been known for their antioxidant properties, they contribute to the growth and restoration of hair.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

What are the preparations for mesotherapy released today?

Many companies produce a variety of drugs that are used for mesotherapy. In addition, the constantly carried out research that allow to produce new "cocktails." So, let's see which ones are the most popular today?

Russian research has led to a whole range of drugs called "Skinasil". It is used for mesotherapy people who suffer from problems with the face and body.

But Revitacare French products line is intended not only to improve the appearance of the face, but also for the health of hair. The composition of these drugs include essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and hyaluronic acid. That they ensure the normal functioning of the scalp. They act on the skin, moisturizing, nourishing, strengthening and protecting.

Ready cocktail Dietbel based on amino acids, plant extracts and trace elements. They are recommended to take, if you suffer from skin problems on the face, scalp and hair loss.

Company ID Farma, which is located in Spain, manufactures products that help get rid of a variety of aesthetic defects. They are used in various fields of cosmetology.

Scientific research in Russia, Germany and Japan have led to the emergence of drug "Gialuform mesolift", which is considered the best to date in the fight against hair loss, problems with the scalp, face and body. Cocktails these differ rapid action and high efficiency. The main feature of this drug is hyaluronic mesotherapy, which is based on the use of hyaluronic acid.

Mesotherapy For Hair - reviews. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy

Another type of mesotherapy bezynektsionnoy

In recent years, other than the home bezynektsionnoy mesotherapy, began to use another of its kind. Bezynektsionnaya mesotherapy is based on the principle of delivering nutritional active ingredients in the correct zone underneath the skin of the head by means of electroporation. That is, the expert helps you to get rid of the problem by means of electrical impulses vysokorazryadnyh. Thus there is a weakening of the ties that exist between neighboring cells. Formed channels or pores allow nutrients under the skin faster. That is, you can seamlessly enter any substance to the desired depth.

In order to carry out this type of mesotherapy, need special drugs. They have, for example, in the line Dietbel. In addition, in recent years it has become very popular gel Gt Gel, which is characterized by a moisturizing effect and is an antioxidant in nature. It is used in electrotherapy, microcurrent therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound skin while cleansing.

Of course, every patient chooses what type of mesotherapy are best used. In choosing not to interfere, and expert advice that will help you understand what is best in your individual case. One can not say that no injection injection mesotherapy better, because both of these methods have their pros and cons.

The only important thing to always remember one thing. To achieve the desired results, you need to fully trust the professionals, who will pick up drugs and cocktails suitable for you and it is in this case. As in matters of medicine, self-medication can lead to negative consequences. In the choice must also take into account the features of the skin and body. Mesotherapy helps to rejuvenate, to get beautiful hair and forget that such hair loss.