"The subscriber is temporarily shocked" or funniest cases where teenagers accidentally sent to his parents not message

Well, who in our crazy life is not wrong? Yes all! So these young people clearly have the wrong number and sent their highly ambiguous message to parents, not the girlfriend or friend. Yes, it happens. Embarrassments happen, what can you do? The main thing that a parent took everything calmly and without unnecessary cries and cries. How it turned out at our today's heroes, we will now find out. So, we present you some very epic messages that teens sent explicitly to that number.

1. Dad will always come to the aid of

1: "How could you ?? I trusted you, and you changed me !!! ". "Oh, I'm sorry Dad. I sent it to Jim. "

2: "Oh." "If you move away from the topic, then you did not see where my shotgun?"

Most young ladies, probably would not want to talk to their parents about infidelity of her boyfriend. But perhaps all the better! Indeed, after the Pope this person found out about what had happened, he would be able to understand how much his favorite girl goes all day so sad. Of course, such feil not happen often, but it happens. Probably, the daughter of the man at heart even enjoy such a reaction of his father. After all, why should care about his own daughter can not be with the smell of gunpowder? In any case, we hope that young lady realized that next to my father she was not afraid of any storms or thunderstorms or incorrect boyfriends.

2, "Mom, please do not dance tverk"

Oh, these kids! One guy decided to write a message to his girlfriend in which he said: "Good morning, beautiful ... tverk station for me," and, of course, wrong number and sent it to his mother. The answer is not long in coming. "Thank you, my beloved son! I do not have to dance sing, because I'm at work, and all I need to do to start charging to prevent damage to the gluteal muscle. " Yes, my mother this guy is clearly a creative woman. But we will hope until the end, she still did not show your skills in style tverk his son for coming to work.

3. apple from apple-tree

1: "I want to call her in the eye. Rusty fork. " "Yes, embarrassing happened. It's not for you. Hi, Dad".

2: "Lol, hello, Katie. Do not forget to wear gloves and wipe his fingerprints from the fork, even if it was rusty. "

1: "Most of all I am glad that you did not even ask who they are."

2: "The less you know, less can tell the interrogation."

At least, this girl can not be afraid that her father was wrong to understand if it is suddenly brought home a corpse in the trunk. In fact, the less you know the less you say the interrogation. Here, as they say really the right approach to the situation.

4. Here and palyatsya Soviet scouts

1: "If my parents ask you, just say that you are my" roommate ". I'm not ready to tell them about all this garbage. " 2: "Okay, you want me pretending that I never saw? And so I went on pretending that I do not know about what I know ever since, when you're five years old? ".

1: "Well, actually, it should not have happened that way."

2: "I can not wait until you've met me with his" roommate "hohohohoho".

1: "OMG, Mom, stop!"

It seems we have just seen how true the dream of every person who is afraid to admit to his parents in their homosexual. What can I say, bravo, Mom!

5. Double Fail

1: "OMG, last night was so cool! Thank you for covering me, Sarah. "

2: "HOME IMMEDIATELY, young lady, we need to have a serious talk!".

1: "Oh, Mom! Sorry, this message was not for you, and Sarah ... Actually, I just wanted to thank her for what she covered me, and lent an umbrella, because yesterday was so furious downpour. "

2: "Oh, well, have fun, honey."

1: "OMG, Sarah, count, I just sent a text message his mother, who wrote to you. She almost did not recognize that I slept with Adam ... ".


We do not know what about it you think, but it seems to us that this is the epic Fail all time. If after the first SMS "young lady" could still carry, but now someone seems to be a very big problem.