How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set

Many people know that the average person to ensure the normal life requires about 1-2 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight. For athletes, especially bodybuilders, and people trying to acquire quality muscle mass, this figure is doubled (up to 2-4 g). Such dosage given the opportunity to create a positive nitrogen balance and form a high concentration of amino acids in the body. It is the primary factor in the onset of muscle growth. As a result of this, many may wonder how to make a protein, and what classification it happen. This will be explained later.

How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set


The protein is divided into the following types:

• Serum. This group includes some subtypes. Namely concentrate hydrolyzate and whey protein isolate, and casein.

• Egg.

• Soy.

As already mentioned above, athletes need in the protein from 2 to 4 grams per 1 kg of the body. It follows that the daily intake of protein is calculated from these data. But you should know that each type of the product taken at different times.

The proteins of serum

Initially, consider the group. It is desirable to take serum proteins before and after the exercise, since it increases protein synthesis in muscle. And this contributes to the only whey protein. It is also important that, at what time will be welcome.

Whey is the liquid which is formed during the production of cheese, when curdled milk. It is considered a by-product. To date, this product is the best protein. It simultaneously contributes to an increase in muscle mass and fat burning.

How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set

For a strong anabolic effect, which is to achieve the use of only one protein in serum is not possible, you should take isolate or hydrolyzate in a mixture of casein protein. This is important. In deciding how to take whey protein, one should consider some of the nuances. Namely:

  • In the morning, it is desirable to use whey protein hydrolyzate, since in this period of time beginning catabolic processes and muscle lack of protein. That is to suppress these processes and needs levee said protein. These are the two cases of the formation of the so-called "protein window." As a result, the reception of whey protein helps to quickly close it.
  • You can also use this product during the day. This is to maintain body protein balance. In this case, it is desirable to take a multicomponent mixture, based on the slow and fast protein. It is nemaloznachimym for providing said balance.
  • Before training protein is used in order to provide the necessary energy potential athlete muscles. However, it is desirable to use a so-called Creatine.
  • At the end of the training the use of the product is necessary in order to close the next "protein window." This time is the period when the best option would be the use of whey protein, since it is endowed with a high degree of digestibility. Capable of receiving whey protein casein.
How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set
  • It is very important the first reception of the product after the end of the training, because it is between 20 and 120 minutes after the end of physical training of an athlete needs proteins, but because it can be much more of them to learn in comparison with the normal state.
  • It should be a night to take a specified protein for weight set. According to many experts, this process needed to fuel the muscles that are recovering loads per day. In this case, the most rezultativen protein, which is digested for a long time. It is best suited for this casein. His description - on.

protein casein

He is often called the "slow" protein product, as long split, the blood flows immediately. It is used to set or muscle slimming. Let's look at when and how to take the protein casein. Read about it below.

How to take casein protein to recruit the masses?

In this case, it's pretty simple. As experts argue during dialing muscle an excellent supplement to serum embodiment can be a casein protein. How to take this product will be described hereinafter. Before training and after the body needs a quick recharge. As a result, this product alone will not be able to cope with it.

To increase muscle mass casein protein consumed at night. It is necessary to slow the catabolic reactions and muscle breakdown during sleep. An ordinary human body 8 over night hours are left without power supply, resulting in reduced anabolic process. Therefore, in this case, the casein may prevent it. His take on the 35-40 grams at bedtime.

How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set

Caloric it is 360 kcal per 100 g of product. Therefore, in the absence of excess food it can not cause an increase in body fat.

egg white as a kind of sports nutrition

Consider this type of detail. Egg albumin is a product which is produced in a pure form only by companies from abroad. He is represented by only a few foreign manufacturers. In order for you not sold instead of the protein milk powder, you must not take it in bulk and in their original packaging. It is important to know.

Egg Protein has no minuses. Its advantage is clearly a balanced amino acid composition. This can not be achieved by the use of natural products. After all, even in their present fat. But it is not in sports nutrition. Frankly, some of these fats are not harmful, and some are even beneficial. Moreover, the mix of egg protein is preparing easy. Further details about this.

How to make egg protein?

This process is simple. Many may wonder about how to make egg protein. The answer in this case is quite simple. It is best to take the egg protein as a cocktail. The recipe is as follows: need 2 spoonfuls of this powder are mixed with 180 - 200 ml of water, milk or juice.

How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set

In deciding how to make the protein for muscle mass, it helps to know what use it is necessary to not later than one hour before training. Also, this should be done immediately after its completion. Half consumed before it, and the other half - after. It has an average dose which is calculated on the average bodibildera, weighing about 80 kg, with an average workout intensity.

soy protein

This is another important product. It is a protein concentrate from soy. During the use of this product is slowing down catabolic processes. This contributes to accelerate the muscle growth and increase power performance. This product - an effective protein. How to take it? Consider further.

Soy protein, like any other, is able to cope with the negative effects of stress on the muscles.

Since this product - it is a slow form of the protein, it is taken during the day between meals. the use of said protein for the night is also permitted.

As for the dosage, the simple answer is no, since the measure depends on several factors. They are the manufacturer's recommendations, the weight of the athlete, a goal that he set for himself, as well as physical capabilities.

How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set

throughout the day protein Reception

It is necessary to properly plan the process. This is important in deciding how to make the protein. Because at certain hours of the day the body is not the same need for the substance, and its ability to assimilate different. It is as follows:

  • said product is needed in the morning in order to eliminate "protein window." For this period, it is best to take whey protein because of its good digestibility of the body.
  • During the day, this product was needed in order to maintain protein balance in the body. Recommended intake of multicomponent mixtures on the basis of the "slow" and "fast" proteins.
  • Before training this product is used to give your muscles the energy potential. However, it is desirable to use Creatine.
  • After the workout protein intake is necessary in order to eliminate certain "protein window." During this period, well suited receiving said whey protein because of its rapid assimilation in the body.
  • On the night of protein amino acids necessary to fuel muscles, which during sleep are reduced. Very good effect is the product which is digested for a long time. For example, casein.

There is a formula that will help solve the problem of how to make protein for gaining lean muscle. It is as follows: 2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight of their body weight. For example, if you weigh 80 kg, then the day you need to take 160 to 170 grams of protein.

What to take in addition to protein?

In this case, you must use the following:

  • Carbohydrates. They provide energy for your muscles. It is nemaloznachimym, since protein is only the building blocks of muscle cells. And carbohydrates - this is their fuel.
  • amino acids. They are responsible for the construction of new muscle cells and complete their recovery.
  • glucose. For example, sweet fruit, sugar, honey. It provides food for your brain.
  • Fats. They are responsible not only for the restoration and preservation of the joints, but also to protect your nervous system at high activity, protecting it from depression, stress and exhaustion, appearing in any strength training.
  • Vitamins. They should be consumed due to the fact that our body is virtually alone can not synthesize them.
  • Sometimes you need to use creatine monohydrate. In bodybuilding, it is one of the most effective and studied compounds. However, many may wonder how to take creatine and protein together. In this regard, it should be applied individually. Because the question about the optimal methods of its use remain uncertain. At the present time there are various new forms of the product, so to implement the decision on how to take creatine and protein together, it should be on an individual basis. In this way, fine will help experts in this field.

whether the protein is harmful?

That he is a pure natural product, digested fairly quickly by the body. digestible protein powder is significantly better than the protein of meat or milk. It is a reliable fact. This is due to the fact that the powder does not need time to splitting as it is ready-to-use fully. Upon completion of reception of this mixture was processed by the body in a matter of seconds and is supplied to all cells providing them with proteins that are required for building muscle.

Description Whey Protein

Ingredients with natural flavor:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate.
  • Fructose.
  • 5% - cells.
  • 1, 7% - shredded wheat germ.
  • xanthan gum (emulsifier).
  • Flavors.

80% whey protein concentrate obtained by way fresh serum-drying and ultrafiltration. In our time, this product took securely its position in the market of sports nutrition and is in great demand among professionals and amateurs.

Whey proteins are highly digestible. The amino acid composition of proteins in serum close as possible to the amino acid composition of human muscle tissue. As a result of this excellent product is considered Whey-Protein. How to accept it, it will be discussed later.

How to take protein? Can I take protein? Protein for weight set

Recommendations for use Whey Protein

Dissolve 2 scoops (50 grams) of this product in 300-400 ml of water, milk or other beverage. Mix well in a shaker. Single cocktail is recommended to use within one hour after its preparation. Take it 2-3 times a day - between meals and immediately after training.