Famous genius with strange habits

Famous genius with strange habits

Habits are at all, and they are not easy to get rid.

Some of the habits can be quite strange, and you would not wish that on them knew anyone, but these are your eccentricities, and do you, in fact, you.

Do not be embarrassed, even the greatest minds and thinkers in history have their quirks.


Famous genius with strange habits

Pythagoras was one of the most influential philosophers and mathematicians.

It is also one of the founders of vegetarianism, but, despite the fact that he adhered strictly to this diet, were such that he could not stand among vegetarian foods.

Pythagoras harbored no love for the beans to such an extent that forbade his followers is not something that is, and even touch them.

It is unclear whether he shun such foods for health reasons, or he had other reasons.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Famous genius with strange habits

Beethoven was one of the greatest composers of the world, but he also composed the music a little strangely.

The creative process is often accompanied by pouring water.

Composing music, German composer pacing the room and bounds, and that the head is even better to think, he poured himself a bucket on his head with water, and continued to compose on.

Honore de Balzac

Famous genius with strange habits

The largest work of Balzac - a series of novels and short stories, "The Human Comedy" - is widely known throughout the world, but his passion for coffee known to few.

Balzac drank up to 50 cups of coffee a day, and it's just incredible (and danger) of caffeine.

He could work for 48 hours with a short break in just three hours - so the coffee obviously helped him to cheer up, that's only to be subsequently had terrible headache.

Igor Stravinsky

Famous genius with strange habits

Russian composer had a strange habit every morning to stand for 15 minutes on the head.

Apparently, he did so in order to "clarify the brain", which sounds great, but, in fact, so he provided himself a rush of blood to the brain.

Leonardo da Vinci

Famous genius with strange habits

The Da Vinci was not a big fan of sleep. Italian Rennaissance kept polyphase cycle, which included several short periods of sleep during the day.

No less famous than Da Vinci, inventor Thomas Edison, I was also a fan of this method of relaxation, which probably explains how both of them managed to do so much in my life.

Nikola Tesla

Famous genius with strange habits

Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, known for his discoveries in the field of electrical engineering, also held unusual sleep patterns.

He preferred to sleep only two hours a day, but that was not the strangest thing in his character.

They say he often kneaded his toes before you go to sleep, believing that it helps him to stimulate brain cells.

He also loved to be in the company of pigeons, but hated jewelry and overweight women.

Agatha Christie

Famous genius with strange habits

The author of works of "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Death on the Nile" by Agatha Christie did not write the book, sitting at a desk in the office.

She wrote, where it caught the inspiration - at the kitchen table in the hotel room.

However, when it has always been a typewriter, and happened she began to write stories, even before she sprang the story in my head.

Albert Einstein

Famous genius with strange habits

As a child, the future genius behind the development and later learned to speak.

He believed that in this way it is "accumulating forces", it needs to develop several important physical theories such as the theory of relativity.

As they get older, he surprised others more and more. He did not cut his hair and was not wearing socks, considering them unnecessary clothing item.

In addition, reportedly a personal chauffeur, Einstein once ate a live grasshopper.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Famous genius with strange habits

The German philosopher Nietzsche was always working in a standing position, and exhorted everyone to follow his example.

Among others who liked to write his works standing up, were Virginia Woolf and Lewis Carroll.

Charles Dickens

Famous genius with strange habits

classics of world literature had a passion for impeccable hair and obsessively combing hair over and over again throughout the day.

Dickens loved to have in his office was a vase of flowers, a large knife for cutting paper, gold leaf with a rabbit on it and the bronze statues of two fat toads with swords.

Jane Austen

Famous genius with strange habits

When she wrote her book, she could not bear anyone to even briefly tried to look at it yet unfinished manuscript.

author of the novel "Pride and Prejudice" saw to it that her door was creaking, so she could hear if someone comes to her.

Well, it can be considered not only a brilliant writer, but also the founder of the security system.