Most frightening Russian planes

• The most frightening Russian planes

Most frightening Russian planes

Unfortunately, the technical superiority of our arms over the west - is still the future. Since the days of the Cold War, when the number of troops of the Warsaw Pact, NATO surpassed last managed to maintain a technological advantage, including in the air. And even today, the Russian Air Force can not yet boast the presence in the ranks of the fifth generation fighter aircraft, while the Americans have a highly regarded experts F-22 Raptor and F-35.

But now Russia is pursuing an ambitious military modernization program, which may well lead the Air Force of the country in the decades ahead of potential adversaries. In addition, here are the five aircraft in service now considered by Western experts potentially superior US counterparts.

Most frightening Russian planes


Russian Su-27 multi-role fighter belongs to the fourth generation - in operation it was introduced in 1985. Dangerous predator was designed with one purpose: to capture air superiority. With combat radius 750 kilometers and a maximum speed of 2525 km / h, Su-27 is far ahead of the American analogs F-16 and F / A-18, speed of less than 2 200, 1 900 km / h respectively.

Most frightening Russian planes


Another machine of the Soviet Union is still used by Russia to maintain air superiority. MiG-29 (as well as the Su-27) was designed to compete with the F-15 and F-16. Small, with a small radius of the combat fighter takes its maneuverability: carried out after the end of the Cold War, the German Luftwaffe tests showed that the product Mikoyan much more confident feel in the air than the F-16. Now the MiG-29 is actively used by the Syrian government, and Russia wants to put a new batch of these aircraft to its Middle East ally.

Most frightening Russian planes



From the combination of the characteristics of a fighter comes close to a fifth-generation fighter. On the fuselage of the aircraft installed 12 stations for air-to-air missiles and "air-land". On the Russian arsenal is now worth 48 cars in this class, in many ways superior to the main American fighter F-35, which is too dependent on its stealth system.

Most frightening Russian planes


Ability to develop speed 2600 km / h, the PAK FA (Sukhoi PAK FA), leaving the competition far behind. As a multi-functional fighter T-50 will be equipped with missiles "air-to-air" and "air-land", including heavy missiles R77 class. Also on board the fighter can carry a couple of anti-bombs of 1500 kg each. It is expected that by 2020 the Air Force of Russia will arrive 55 of these fighters.


Tu-160's incredibly fast for a strategic bomber. The aircraft is capable dial 2 220 km / h, which leaves far behind American bombers such as B1-B Lancer (1448 km / h) and B-52 (1000 km / hour). Blackjack (NATO classification) boasts an impressive combat radius of 12 to 300 kilometers and is capable to make a transatlantic flight, which was demonstrated in 2008 on the route Murmansk-Venezuela.