Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

Highlighting became popular back in the 80's of last century, but even today, this procedure remains quite popular. In recent years, there are many different versions of this painting, but modern girls in particular often use the services of "highlights on blonde hair", which helps to create an interesting and unusual way. In order to have a truly perfect result, you need to not only know the correct technique of the staining, but also have the necessary preparations and to reach a certain skill. Highlights on the blonde hair (photo girls with colored strands can be found below) looks great on gray hair. You can also paint the strands in lighter or darker shades.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

Types highlighting for blondes

It is interesting that highlights on blonde hair helps to create a fantastic hairstyle, even if you are too thin and sparse hair. As a rule, do blondes highlights a few shades lighter or darker, so that they could each day to look unusual and interesting. Today, the girl-blonde can choose between these types: highlights dark, light or reddish tinge, Californian highlights, highlighting the US. So what kind of pick you? It is necessary to look at what kind of image you prefer.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

Blond hair - dark strands

Dark highlights on blonde hair looks very effectively. Therefore, resort to it today many girls blonde. With this you can choose any color that is darker than your natural color: coffee, chocolate, black, dark honey or the color of milk chocolate. Very popular recently become brown highlights to blond hair, which makes it easy to change the image. Thus it does not change due to changes in color shade, and due to the fact that the curls produced a greater thickness. Another interesting fact is that the dark highlights blondes has its subspecies:

  1. Baliazh - when painted over the individual strands. Popular among girls with short haircuts with bangs oblique.
  2. Vanilla - when hair gets "pearl" shine due to some painting curls.
  3. Mazhimesh - when painted the whole strand, but uses the wax, not paint. Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

As you can see, ways to add a darker shade of its natural Blondeau very much. You only need to choose a suitable dark blond hair weave on and trust the professionals.

California kind of

If you want to be fashionable nowadays effect "like burnt hair under the sun", then you should pay attention to another kind of popular among modern painting girls. California highlights on blonde hair is known and true even among Hollywood stars (Jennifer Aniston, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez). The main feature of this type of coloring is the fact that it is not used in any thermal paper or foil. Instead, the professionals take a special creamy paste on the basis of beeswax. She gently bleaches the hair without messing with their appearance. An interesting fact is that it highlights for light strands allows the bit to paint not only the necessary locks, but also the adjacent, so the transition turns out very smooth. Very often, the master uses different colors to staining was more natural. The effect to be complete, you must make the weave several times.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

In order to dye your hair in the popular Californian highlights, you need to first divide them into bundles of 1, 5 cm on the horizontal parting staggered. The paint or a special composition for dyeing to be distributed throughout the vertical length of the beam. There is no need to penetrate into the strands. This procedure should be repeated separately for each strand. After staining has occurred, rinse the paint and apply on hair nourishing balm.

Highlights by a red color

If you want to make your appearance was more playful and interesting, then you can make a ginger highlights to blond hair. This kind of painting helps to stand out from the crowd and create a unique image. Thus it is necessary to choose close to Blondie shades to hair turned out more natural and naturally.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

dyeing technique in the American style

US highlights to blond hair is not new, but quite popular procedure, which helps to create interesting and unique images. This method of staining appeared in 2010. To create the US highlighting foils used and the different shades of a single color palette. Thus, the master will be easier to watch what is already painted strands and which are not. It is the use of multiple colors (from 2 to 4) is the main feature of this type of staining. Thus, the hair appear interesting transitions and glare, which visually increase their volume and add strands brightness. The greater the use of shades, the "livelier" turns color. Such as highlighting helps make interesting styling every day. It should be remembered that this type of dyeing can be trusted to make only an experienced professional to get the desired result.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

What is the opposite highlights?

This procedure is suitable for those girls who have The displayed before the ends of his hair, but the roots have begun to grow quite strongly. As a rule, very few people like this, so the reverse highlights on blonde hair helps to accurately paint the strands in the same color, which was used before. The main feature of this method of painting is the fact that the highlighting is carried out only in the basal part, but the rest of the length of the strands susceptible coloring of. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to determine the order, what shade you choose. At the same time, keep in mind that the more clarified root, the golden color should be chosen. For the rest of the length of the need to choose the color on the darker tone than your real hair. To get the desired result, you need to hold the paint on the strands about 50 minutes.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

Highlights and dyed hair

You are already painted their hair in the desired color and become almost a real blonde, but from time to time still want to change their image to attract more male attention? That is why the highlights on dyed blond hair now quite popular. This step will help to freshen your appearance, without resorting to radical changes. Of course, if you decide to make the weave on blond hair, which had already been painted before, you need to keep in mind some important nuances, so as not to harm their tresses. Firstly, the procedure is better to postpone until later, if you have too weakened hair, or if you have been doing recently perm. Secondly, if you dyed your hair before highlighting natural dyes, you will be sure to report it to the master.

Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

The advantages of this method of hair coloring

To date, highlights on blonde hair has become very popular. This can be explained by the fact that it has some significant advantages:

  1. Due to the fact that use different shades, the face will look younger and fresh.
  2. If you have a rare or thin hair, the highlights will help to visually increase their volume.
  3. To refresh the highlights, it should be repeated only once in 3 months, it is much less than conventional staining.
  4. Highlights will look equally well on short and on long hair, if you allow this procedure professional.
Highlights on blond hair: advice of stylists. Types of dyeing on blonde hair

Lacks highlighting

Of course, any procedure that has an impact on our health, will always have some disadvantages. This is true for dyeing. What are the disadvantages should be prepared, if you decide to make the weave on the blond hair?

  1. Remember that this procedure is not cheap. In this case, even to re-weave the price falls.
  2. Be prepared for the fact that this procedure takes a long time. If you have short hair, then be patient for 2 hours, if long hair - at 4.
  3. If you do not weave an experienced Master, you can spoil the whole image, and then the error will be very difficult to correct.
  4. If you lighten already light on the nature of the hair, you can change their structure, so after the procedure, be sure to use the special reducing agents.
  5. Sometimes it happens that after dyeing hair starts badly combed, not to style and badly curled on curlers.

Of course, you can avoid the negative effect of highlighting, if you refuse from domestic dyeing and will only resort to the help of professionals. Despite the fact that such a procedure would be more expensive health of your hair is worth it.