Where in 1979 the war began in Afghanistan

• How did the war in Afghanistan in 1979

Where in 1979 the war began in Afghanistan

The murder of the Afghan leader was the beginning of the invasion of Soviet troops on the territory of this country. After this event, kicked off a ten-year undeclared war, which cost the Soviet Union, thousands of soldiers and officers' lives.

Change figure on the political chessboard

In the Soviet Union has always paid great attention to supporting friendly regimes in foreign countries. And if the political situation there does not meet the interests of the party and the government, do not hesitate to edit it. Afghanistan - is no exception. At the end of the 1970s in this country in a coup he was killed by a protege of Moscow leader of the People's Democratic Party Nur Taraki, Afghanistan, and came to power, the Soviet Union objectionable Hafizullah Amin. Taraki supporters began to harass and chase that did not like the leadership of the Soviet Union. Information on cooperation with US intelligence agencies Amin has strengthened the decision to liquidate the new Afghan leader and replacing it with a more loyal to the Soviet Union.

itself asked for

Amin himself partly brought their end. He repeatedly asked the Soviet Union for military assistance. And under the pretext of strengthening "fraternal assistance" friendly people of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union in December 1979 he sent to the country so-called "Muslim battalion", which consisted in reality of GRU officers. Start of operation coincided with the introduction of limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan. Together with military equipment and brought to Bagram and protégé Kremlin Babrak Karmal multiple its supporters. "Muslim battalion" became part of the team of Amin's palace guard, making it easier to remove unwanted ruler largely. In a short time, Soviet soldiers in Kabul, established complete control over the strategically important objects.

Operation "Agate"

Operation "Agate" prepared and carried out the KGB and the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Assault team was dressed in Afghan uniforms without insignia. Amin and his guests on the eve of the attack KGB agent, the head chef of the presidential palace, poisoned, they even lost consciousness. Sturm Palace Taj Beck began the evening of December 27th. Exploded in the hatch sewer mine brought down the entire telephone in Kabul. As part of the storming forces were snipers and armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns on the palace worked. stormtroopers broke into the building were cleaned every floor. Amin until recently did not believe that the Soviet shuravi attacked him. As a result of the attack, Amin was killed, most of his security prisoner. In parallel with the palace our troops seized the General Staff of the Afghan army and other objects of strategic importance for the violent overthrow of the government. In Kabul, the country brought a new leader Babrak Karmal and the Soviet Union officially announced that the latter took power because the mass discontent of the Afghan people policies pursued by the late Amin.

The consequences of the assault

The attack killed more than 100 people from among the attackers at the Taj Palace Beck. Apart from Amin, his two sons and some 200 presidential guards were killed. West regarded the operation as the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union, and then by all means actively contributed to the Mujahideen who fought against a limited contingent of troops 10 years are in the country. Several participants in the assault received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the group commander Gregory Boyarinov - posthumously. In total, "Agate" were awarded about 700 KGB and the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.