Football Basics: How to beat the curve ball.

Playing football is good for health. Almost every man and even some of the girls are trying to somehow link their lives with this amazing game of ball. One of the main elements of football can be considered as the execution twined hitting the ball. In order for it to perform up to par, you must have an appropriate level of skill and craftsmanship.

The importance of possessing skill of twisted beats for football

Football Basics: How to beat the curve ball.

Today, in order to become a first-class player, it is not enough to own a couple of tricks to dribble or to have good speed with a bang. In our time, a truly successful players in football are those athletes who possess virtually every reception of the game, the ability to maneuver. These people have an understanding of how to beat the curve ball, usually appears in childhood, by training trainers and mentors. The training program is part of many teams of modern times an element such as a woven hitting the ball in the execution of various game situations.

Options twined impact performance

Depending on how the strike curve ball can be twisted in one direction or the other. There are three ways of performing twisted ball:

  • inner side of the foot;
  • outside of the foot;
  • instep. Football Basics: How to beat the curve ball.

Before you learn how to beat the curve ball, you should understand for all versions and the theoretical basis of this technique. The simplest in design is twisted beats the inside of the foot, so that even small children can learn to perform this element relatively quickly. Two other twisted kick in a bit more complicated, so in order to learn it, you need to spend a considerable amount of time to practice. Today, not every professional footballer can boast good twisted beats with lifting or outer side of the foot.

Twisted hit the inside of the foot

This embodiment, as mentioned above, is the most easy to learn and use in practice. However, it is not so simple, as shown and discussed in theory. In order to perform a first-class woven hit the ball, you need to observe a number of methodological requirements. But the result of learning will be impressed. Thus, the sequence of actions is as follows:

Football Basics: How to beat the curve ball.
  • First, before striking necessary to measure their steps in the run-up. Remember that in the twisted beats the inside of the foot main factor is accuracy, and the run can not be more than two or three steps;
  • Secondly, after the run-up and during the impact the support leg should be not too far away from the ball, namely 10-30 centimeters from him. In this case, you will be able to make a more accurate shot than if the distance between the support foot and the ball.
  • in the third, beating the foot should hit the ball slightly tangentially. It is in this case happens torsion effect. At the moment of impact, it would seem that the ball flies wide of the goal, but in flight due to torsion it will change its trajectory toward the gate.

twisted beats outside of the foot

In words, explain how to beat the curve ball outside of the foot, it is very easy, but in reality it is not so. If you hit the inside of the foot can be quite simple to learn due to the fact that the impact process is very organic and logical, then with the outside are all a little different. During the strike by this method a person should put the supporting leg a little further than when hitting the inside of the foot, because otherwise it might accidentally grazing her kicking foot. It is also necessary to turn the ankle in the inside of about 40 degrees to the ball but could twist after the impact. This impact can be unpredictable, but in the case of a successful execution of the final goal in the opponent's goal can be very effective.

twisted beats instep

For sure every boy, and did not just want to learn how to beat the curve ball lifting the foot, because it is such blows scored their most beautiful goals such masters of modern football, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo. If we talk about the football team of Brazil, it strikes lift reached a speed of 135 km per hour, and the trajectory has been so unpredictable that the ball could wriggle out just before the goalkeeper hands. In order to perform such a hit, you need to disperse well enough in 3-4 steps to establish a pivot foot in line with the ball and hit a little to the left or right of the center of the ball to give it a twist.

Football Basics: How to beat the curve ball.

How to beat the curve ball: the inner or outer side of the foot, or the rise - the choice is purely a single player. But remember one thing: only a thorough and regular exercise can give the expected result. Strokes need to practice hundreds of times, then they will become effective.