That the soldiers were able to "Ancient Special Forces"

Elite military units existed in the ancient world. Specially trained fighters with amazing skills stood guard over the interests of their leaders to death. special forces soldiers of different methods of engagement, types of weapons and tactics of psychological preparation. The most prominent and successful military school "Ancient Special Forces" modern warriors learn to this day.

That the soldiers were able to

The Spartans are born to fight

Every Spartan, who was born a boy, first of all, was supposed to be a warrior. The rest of the work is done by slaves. The Spartans, in high military mission, fought to the death. After the retirement age for soldiers due in 60 years, which is much longer than the life of that era.

That the soldiers were able to

From the cradle of the boys were tested. Baby cots are deliberately harsh, rude and respected in the child's upbringing. At 7 years old boy became a pupil of the military special camps, where he was taught to survive in the most difficult conditions. Some children still die at this stage. The remaining, contrary to withstand the most severe tests became iron warriors strike fear into the enemy. Spartans tactics in the army was primitive. Their combat advantage was in physical strength and extreme endurance.

Combat madness Berserker warriors

Warriors Berserker belonged to the Viking elite. They are famous for their ability to fall into the so-called fighting madness. In this state, the berserkers could not even stop quantitatively superior enemy army. There are opinions that such a battle trance was achieved through the use of any drugs. Other investigators were inclined to the fact that it is rather a modern analogue of a ritual dance of Thai boxers, "Ram Muay", customize them to specific psychological wave before the fight.

That the soldiers were able to

From an early age so berserk trained to excel physically right group of enemies. Training was strengthened, including an appeal immediately with two swords, without defense shield and ax throwing exercises. Rushing into battle and dealing blows at the same time diverse, Berserker cleverly deduced opponent off balance. At that time it was believed that during the trance berserker bear inhabits the soul, helping to defeat the warrior easily any enemy. Fighter is able to combat the trance does not stop even serious injuries, sensitivity to pain was minimal.

The Sikhs, to single-handedly defeat multiple opponents

Sikhs inhabited the territory of the modern state of Punjab - the so-called "Gateway of India". This region is regularly subjected to attacks by a foreign enemy, so local people had good military skill. Sikh martial art called Gatka. The essence of the GACC is a variety of sophisticated methods of fighting with the use of bladed weapons that the soldiers took off their except for a night's sleep.

That the soldiers were able to

The constant wearing of swords, knives, axes and swords was not only a military necessity, but also an element of the national costume, even for women. Living on the edge of India and being a minority, fell under the rule of the Mughals, the Sikhs have experienced and religious oppression, they were forced to convert to Islam.

In this position, the Sikhs was vital to be able to withstand multiple opponents. As a result, he formed a fighting style when Sikh soldiers circled around him with several types of knives. They practiced in a special meditation, including a military dance. Their tactics were aimed at the production of endurance, in order to break up the maximum number of enemies. Even the British army found it useful to adopt the methods of the GACC fencing. GACC techniques allowed to pass through the dense system of enemy, holding the perimeter defense and snarling nets enemy horses. An example of the successful application of GACC - battle led by Guru Hargobind when 700 Sikhs pitched seven thousand army of the Mughals.

Almighty Ninja

Ninja clan lived in a world without submitting to the Japanese feudal way. Occupation soldier was transferred to his son or daughter from her father. Female Ninja were called Kunoichi. Ninja Training began with a rocking cradle babies who were taught to cluster at the slightest push. Physical exercises were repeated daily. For example, athletic included high-speed cross-country run when it was necessary, so that leaning against the chest straw hat fell to the finish.

That the soldiers were able to

Future Ninja trained night vision, putting the children in a dark cave. Particular attention was paid to education. Ninja had to know the characters, to read information from the documents and military maps. Owned soldiers and theatrical art, cleverly pretending during the spy operations. Ninjas knew how to handle swords, spears, halberds, thrown weapons, successfully applied chemicals. In addition, they invented a water ski of reeds, train using them to slide on the water. In case of exposure during covert operations ninja killing themselves embedded in the collar of the poison. Also sew costumes thin metal plates for reflection sudden knife attack in melee.

Ancient frogmen

Annals down to us the story of how the combat divers threatened the plans of a powerful military operations of Alexander the Great during the siege of Tire. Greek ships by cranes and levers purified sea approaches to the city from the stones. At this point the water went down Tire divers anchor ropes and cut. Damaging many ships and let a few enemy ships sinking, city residents could disrupt the operation of the fleet. Macedonians had to spend a lot of time recovering from this diversion.

That the soldiers were able to

As a result, of course, outing frogmen could not prevent the fall of Tire, but their desperate attack made history.

They are known for their submarine tactics and ancient Slavs. Submerged, they were breathing tube by means of a reed, long concealing its presence near the enemy. At the right moment they pop up and engage in playing on the surprise, or could thus wait danger.