Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo

It is not easy to find a woman who would not like to pay. They are feminine embodiment, romance and sexual per vial. A model of a Greek-style a combined trend of modern and antique style. In them, a woman allegedly transferred to the period of ancient Greece and feels like a real antique beauty. In this dress, there is no hint of vulgarity or candor, on the contrary, it is a reflection of a particular style. In vain, some girls think the Greek dresses are too modest, because the stylish simplicity will attract a lot more views than a model in which the review opens all women's dignity.

Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo

The dress in the Greek style - light, direct cut free, with a high waistline, which allows to hide figure flaws and emphasize the breasts. Its length - to the floor. It falls flowing draperies and vertical folds. Greek dresses have sleeves, and therefore allow you to show bare shoulders. They can be cut asymmetrical when only one shoulder fabric covers, or have a neat V-neck. Attention in this dress is accented on the décolleté. In general, they are made of air-light fabrics plain quiet colors. This dress emphasizes softness and femininity of his mistress. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, therefore, excellent including pregnant women.

Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo


This style originated in ancient Greece. In these dresses depicting the goddess, their worn by ordinary women. During the Empire, this style was revived, especially after the French painter David in 1800, a portrait of the famous Paris beauty Madame Recamier lying on the couch and dressed in a tunic open. In general, the fashion empire era - is the evolution of the Greek style. But dresses Empire is now considered separately and Greek dresses.

Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo


Greek dress, depending on accessories and decor cut, can be worn during the day as well as output. They are suitable for shopping, carefree walk. Their romantic look you can wear such clothes at the resort, including a beach option. While in the Greek style sold as wedding and evening dresses, much more luxurious than everyday models.

One of the most popular models of wedding dresses options are in the Greek style, vaguely reminiscent of the Empire style.

To fit the Greek dresses

Greek dress makes a perfect any figure. Thanks to many different owners of draperies quite magnificent forms, it can help to hide a couple of centimeters, and too thin add volume. At the same time an ideal figure is the dress will be able to present in the most advantageous light.

Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo

It will be convenient and pregnant women. Due to the excessive use of waist and lung tissues in the Greek style dress does not cause inconvenience to any woman or child, while it hides a certain way of extra tummy looks.

Female breast and chest area perfectly stress greek dresses, thus they are the best option for different occasions, including the graduation, wedding or anniversary. Bride's this style looks great, showing refined and beautiful, with elegant and noble image of this Greek goddess.

Greek Dresses 2014

Such outfits embody harmony, tenderness and femininity. Designers have left this fact is ignored, so this season we are seeing a huge number of variants of these models. Satin, air, flowing fabrics cascade down the waves, and in the movement played coquettishly. Favorite models are asymmetrical dress with a bare shoulder.

Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo

From what to wear

Dress in the Greek style, a photo which you can see in this article, look best with sandals. For special occasions, you can choose sandals with heels. Wrist emphasizes large metal bracelets, as ornaments for the hair looks great or small tiara band. Necklaces should be chosen carefully, with magnificent jewels should not be abused. It is advisable to choose an elegant, exquisite gold jewelry.

Evening dress

Celebrities do not pass by the Greek dresses. Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles - this is just a small list of stars who have been seen in them. Initially outfits had a small palette of colors - cream, white, ivory. Now we can find the Greek long dress almost any color.

Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo

Types of Greek evening dresses

  • upper part of the model is found in various embodiments - strapless, with single or doubled. The dress can also be open or closed neckline, decollete line often decorated with various ribbons or rhinestones.
  • Typically, these dresses are made of thin silk, chiffon or satin.
  • Excellent sit dress with V-neck at the girls with magnificent breasts.
  • The Greek dress fit perfectly for pregnant women.
  • Look great model with a very full skirt, but more traditional in a dress continues to be a straight skirt.
  • tall Women can wear a cheap Greek dresses with sandals, while pick up the tone necklace and a small elegant handbag.
  • This dress can be worn by women of all ages: young girls will be able to give it a romantic and elegant look, and older ladies in this dress will emphasize its nobility and status.
  • Full or low women should combine the model with a small handbag and high heels.
  • The Greek evening dress can be your magic wand - they will add the volume of the figure, where it is not enough, while all unnecessary places they will clean it visually. Greek dress. Greek long dress - Photo

Such models are relevant not only in the summer, you can wear them in the cooler weather, hiding under the warm clothing. Greek style dress is perfect, so it is often chosen as a wedding. Feel the luxury of it all - it's a feeling you will add sparkle to the eyes and confidence.