"Nanny from Hell" or more crime stories in which zamesheny babysitter. Part 1

You either love kids or not. In regard to the child, there is no intermediate colors, either black or white. To date, it is very difficult to find a decent nanny for your child. Every parent wants to get close to their offspring was a man who could protect him, feed, wash, play and more Plus, something useful to teach.

But not all the nanny telling the truth when dealing with prospective employers. To get a job, many lie, forge documents and perform many other things. Unfortunately, one wrong choice of parents in hiring a nanny can have tragic consequences for the entire family.

Benjamin Evan Nelson

Given the current technology, the majority of parents are turning to special online companies, so that they find a suitable babysitter for them. Many believe that it is safe, because now almost everything is done through the Internet, and candidates for the role of nurses are selected strictly. However, the punctures occur, and predators are slipping through the cracks in the system. This is what happened with Evan Benjamin Nelson. 27-year-old resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, place your ad on the website Care.com, which offered the services of child care. Care.com considered a reputable company with 16, 5 million members in 16 countries. They offer care for the elderly, child care, pet care services and housekeeping.

Parents hire Nelson, they believed they could trust him with their children, but they are greatly mistaken. Benjamin was a sadist and pedophile, turned on the children who use the above site to find new victims. In May 2015 the court indicted Nelson in five episodes of homosexual relations with minors of the first degree, six episodes of sexual abuse first degree and one episode of child abduction. According to judicial acts, both victims were boys, one aged 12 years, and the other - under the age of 14 years.

Another indictment was drafted August 7, 2015 in relation to the third victim. At this time, Nelson was charged with four episodes of sexual abuse of minors and one episode of complicity in pedophilia. Nelson pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault, one count of molestation and two counts of complicity in the corruption of.

He was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Care.com issued a statement: "This is a very disturbing thing, and our thoughts are with the family reside. We work closely with law enforcement, and as an open investigation is still being associated with that person, we will not comment on anything. "

Shalin Wren Payne

In October 2015 a 29-year-old Shalin Wren Payne from Sharpsburga, GA, children nursed his bride, while she was working. Payne, who was recently released on parole from prison, became especially carefully look after the 12-year-old girl (the eldest daughter) his concubine. One day, when the child's mother was not at home, Payne decided to attack the girl. The child ran to the bathroom and closed there, but enraged Shalin broke the door and attacked the girl. The man raped the child in front of her four-year brother. Mother of two children in the day came home from work a little earlier than usual and found this terrible picture. To stop the abnormal Payne, she grabbed the first thing that came from under the arm, namely glass and kshvyrnula his head. Special harm this man did not cause, but the girl he abruptly switched to the mother and began to beat him.

After he hit his bride couple of times on the head, wearing only a T-shirt Payne and decided to flee. The woman was conscious and immediately called 911. The man quickly detained by law enforcement agencies. A woman and her daughter was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries. It is known that a raped girl received psychological assistance. Shalini Rena Payne was charged with rape, aggravated assault, molestation of children and causing grievous bodily harm.

Michelle Hale

August 28, 2012 43-year-old Michelle Hale nursed 14-month-old Mason Hess. According to Hale, the boy suddenly began to choke, choking apple juice, which she had given him shortly before the incident. The woman tried to give first aid, but the child began to wheeze soon. Baby immediately taken to a children's hospital, where he unfortunately died four days later. Once opened, it was found out that the cause of death was not choking on the apple juice, and traumatic brain injury. In addition, the child had a broken spine.

The prosecutors insisted that this Hale killed the child, but she denies any wrongdoing. She said that when the baby started to choke, she hit him on the back, then quickly withdrew it from his shoulder, not maintaining the head, which is why she abruptly toppled backward. The jury did not believe in the version of Michelle. The judge said that Hale does not want to take responsibility for their actions. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison.