"All in all, it did not need to go there to climb!" Or some horror stories about people who have died due to the fact that they are stuck in a particular place

There are lots of ways to die. Most of the many options "drop skates" in "Death menu" extremely horrible and cruel, but to pass away from what you're stuck with something or somewhere, and it's worth noting that in this case you will be deprived of water, and from this it follows dehydration, food, opportunities to breathe normally and so on, clearly worse of all, personally, in our opinion. Despite the fact that many people survive, they still received injuries and not only in the physical plane.

In most cases, because of such episodes in human develop claustrophobia, which is one of the most common phobias today. Accidents in which he accused the initiator, it is a common phenomenon. In many cases, death catches up with the man who loudly declares that he can everything and more. Please, think before going vytvorit something of such things! So, we present you a few stories about how some people have died from what is stuck in one place or another.


So the New Year. tales of time, gifts, white and fluffy snow and beautifully decorated, glowing bright lights big Christmas tree in the living room. But what the New Year without a Santa Claus? Unfortunately, not all the old white-bearded really want to put under the Christmas tree jewelery gifts, climbing into the house through the chimney. It is likely that the comics and stories about the New Year many people have been misled in terms zalezaniya in either an apartment through the chimney. In fact, the chimney - it is a death trap, and some of the robbers realized that in fact this is the case.

One man was found stuck in the chimney when the owner of the house decided to ignite the fire, but instead sound nice crackling wood in the fireplace, he heard the heart-rending cries. After the fire was extinguished, he immediately called the police. Suspected robber was dead by the time it got to the firefighters and law enforcement officers. Another case tells us that it is not necessary to break into the apartment of her boyfriend while he is not home. Well, I do not need it.

One lady decided to visit the house of her boyfriend while he was on a trip. But, as the keys when it was not, she decided that it will solve the problem of the chimney, which she climbed safely. The corpse of a young girl found a neighbor, when he came to feed the fish in the aquarium at the request of that same boyfriend, the house is so lomilas his girlfriend.

on the windows grilles

Typically, bars on the windows are placed on two considerations. The first - is the security, after all, if your apartment is located on the lower floors, there is a great option that can descend robbers, in principle, the same applies to private homes. In the second case, the bars on the windows are installed to accidentally fall out of it is not (note, it does not matter from what height of fall - the consequences will always be). While we believe that only animals can manage to get stuck in the window lattice, in fact, a person is also not an exception, and sometimes these are life's events.

The grille on the window led to the death of 64-year-old woman who got stuck in it. Police and doctors, arrived on the scene, found her wedged between the bars, which are mostly squeezed her neck, preventing normal breathing. The habit of smoking at the window led to a horrible death. Despite the fact that this woman lived in a fairly densely populated area, no one knew what had happened. Casual man who normally went for a run, saw her and called the police.

This happened exactly two hours after, a woman stuck in the lattice. Based on comments from law enforcement agencies, it became known that she liked to take on his chest, and perhaps this was the reason for the rash, risky and stupid things.


Despite the fact that quicksand even need to look, cases zastraivaniya in the mire were common not only in the past, but often found today. Any person who does not know the rules of survival in the wild, may perceive such as the flat surface, which is actually a mixture of sand and water, safe. Quicksand is very dangerous. The more a person moves, the more it will absorb the wet sand. However, according to the principles of physics, to immerse themselves in quicksand, without making anything, it is simply impossible.

Only because of the fact that a person tries to escape and constantly move limbs, quicksand can absorb it completely. In July 2015, Texas lost 50-year-old man. His car was found parked near the river, where he often bathed. Helicopter search yielded no results. Four days after the reported him missing, the body of a man found in the shifting sands on the shore of the river itself. For Texas this was the only incident of quicksand for five years. In order to get out of such a slurry, it is necessary to move smoothly and ideally even try to pull yourself together and do not panic, because that panic can play with you a malicious joke.