What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

Everyone would like to have a beautiful body pumped with great muscle definition. It's not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Of course, this work requires a lot of effort, but visualizing their dream and not throwing a workout, you will quickly achieve all. Before selecting a protein or creatine gainer, it is necessary to learn the basic rules to increase muscle.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

The basic principles of muscle growth

  1. Intensive training. This does not mean that you have to go to the gym every day and for three hours to bring the body to exhaustion. Everything should be in moderation. Training should take place not more than four times a week, for beginners to three times is enough, otherwise you can earn overtraining.
  2. The proper balanced diet. It's just a necessary element in order to maintain the correct weight set. Protein or gainer - sports nutrition supplements then you choose, they will help you to comply with the diet. But first, you need to make a diet and choose what is right for you.

The choice of diet, exercise programs and sports nutrition depends on your body and lifestyle. Now, assume that the training program you have compiled, BZHU ratio is calculated, and all you have to solve the last question: what to take - gainer or protein? To start with, what these supplements, and when they are needed.


Gainer - is a dietary supplement that contains carbohydrates and proteins. The latter, as a rule, serum, but there are also multi-component. The amount of carbohydrates exceeds the amount of protein, from which gainer more calories than protein. It contributes to the rapid recovery of strength and energy, provides the body with the necessary fuel for physical exertion. The protein contained in Gainer, - a building material directed just on muscle growth. It restores microdamages muscle tissues that are applied during training, which accelerates weight set. Protein or weight gainer? They are equally perform this function, the difference between them is another.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

gainer functions

The main function gainer - a build-up of muscle mass. The English word gain and gave this product its name (No pain, no gain - "No pain no growth"). But if you're wondering what to drink - gainer or protein, consider the fact that the latter also has this feature. Concentrated complexes of substances contained in Gainer, are charging means for the body, replenishing stocks of the energy that was lost during the training. muscle growth means high-calorie diet, which should be greater than your normal diet. Gainer - this is the product that helps make the diet and the right amount of calories for muscle building materials. The question: gainer or protein for the ectomorph is more effective, the answer is always going to be one - gainer. Protein will help conserve energy at a high metabolism, so athletes who ectomorphy inherent worth in the first place to think about the amount of fuel, and then later on the protein. A endomorphs, athletes with increased liposintezom (fat storage), it is better not to use weight gainer is only contribute to weight gain, not muscle mass.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

Types gainers

Gainers from different manufacturers differ in composition. There are two main criteria by which to select the additive.

  1. Calorie. The difference in structure affects the caloric content. Gainers are designed for different kinds of people. Choose the additive should be based on the norms and BZHU calories per day. Beginners should start with a low-calorie gainers, gradually you will be able to calculate how many and what substances your body needs during training and rest days. Additives with high caloric needs in rare cases, such as very high intensity and imposing its own weight or under elevated metabolism.
  2. protein type. It can be serum, and in some cases it is replaced by a complex of proteins of various origins. The difference is that a different protein to digest and at different times. Beginners is better to use Creatine serum protein, make it easier to calculate the daily rate and the reception of the product. Often in an additive may include vitamin and mineral supplements, which affects the price, but very useful.


Protein - the word that came to us from the English language. Translates it as "protein". And this is the basis of muscle tissue. Receiving it from the food organism distributes it as a building material for all microtraumas obtained after exercise, and causing growth of muscle mass occurs. Therefore, the protein is a key element in the diet of an athlete. For endomorphs answer to a question, select the gainer or protein for muscle building, of course, is protein. It does not contain extra carbohydrates, which should not exceed the rate in the diet of an athlete of such a body.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

The types and functions of the protein

A variety of protein slightly complicates the process, but it is all you need to know before you make a difficult choice - gainer or protein, and in general, what kind of protein. Emit only seven kinds of protein. Let us examine them in detail.

Whey Protein Concentrate

The most popular, the main type of protein. He is a member not only of protein mixtures, but the majority of gainers. Its low cost is due to fat and lactose. However, for beginners it is quite amiss. It is used both before and after training, and between meals.


The peculiarity of this protein is that it is digested for five to seven hours. Many athletes prefer to use it at night, or instead of meals. During sleep, the casein will supply the body, preventing catabolism. A day casein protein will contribute to a feeling of fullness and bring muscles amino acids. In such a high concentration of protein contained glutamine, which will support the immune system and accelerate the recovery process. hydrolysates

The cost of such a protein is high enough, because it is the most intense and high quality source of protein. Peptides are included in it, perfectly digested and give a strong anabolic effect. Hydrolyzate also a beneficial effect on the digestive system, cleansing the body. The use of such a protein after exercise and restores glycogen significantly accelerates muscle growth.

protein isolates

Most bystrousvaivaemye types of protein contain a small amount of carbohydrates / sugars. That is why the product is recommended to drink after exercise during a low-carb diet, when the body is most needed building materials and fuel. Also, it will provide nutrients to the muscles, which are so necessary for the recovery and future growth. worth it is not cheap, but the benefits will far more than many other types of protein due to such properties.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

Soy Protein

Vegetarian source of protein and energy. As whey protein, it contains a glutamine (promotes restoration), arginine (dilates blood vessels supplying nutrients muscle) and BCAA (vitamins to increase recovery). Isoflavones contained in soybeans, support normal cholesterol levels. Also, soy promotes the production of thyroid hormone, which speeds up the process of metabolism and lipolysis. Plus, in soy has many minerals and vitamins. It is taken at any time, except for the night.

Egg Protein

Classic white, which "grew" the muscles of the first generation of bodybuilders. It contains a fairly large number of amino acids, but very little carbohydrate. It is best to use it during the day, not at night.

milk protein isolate

A kind of mixture of casein and whey protein. Very similar to the soy protein by amino acid number, but it is better to use it in conjunction with other proteins. This is not the best choice for a set of capes, but it is advantageous in a mixture with other proteins.


Creatine - digested protein, which is a ready building material and energy source. It is formed in the process of assimilation of nutrients in the kidneys and pancreas from methionine, arginine and glycine. It can be obtained from food - meat or fish.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?

creatine functions

The main function of creatine - it supplies the body the necessary energy for training. When released at high loads, it increases endurance and muscle strength. Creatine does not only increase the power rates, but increases the reserves of the body, adapting it to all heavy loads. Use it should only pre-workout.

The difference between the weight gainer and protein

Now that you know all the basic functions of the products. Behind

the high content of carbohydrates gainer becomes an excellent tool for a set of ectomorph weight, but can be another cause of excess weight endomorphs. The choice of the means for increasing the mass of the whole depends on your metabolism. However, when high-intensity workouts gainer simply needs to recuperate. What is more important, protein or gainer, after a workout? Let us open the question more specifically.

gainer or protein - what to choose for recuperation after a workout?

What it is better to drink to recuperate after the load on the body? What to buy: gainer or protein? Gainer with a lot of carbohydrates will not only restore power, but also give the body building material, but the muscles start to grow not during and not after the training, but much later. Only whey and soy proteins contain substances that will be acquired and work immediately after training. Therefore, it is important to remember - only gainer whey protein or help restore the muscles immediately after exercise. However, as has already been said gainer not suitable for low metabolism rate count carefully so as not to accumulate excess body fat. That's all you need to know about protein or gainer after a workout to take.

What to take after training: weight gainer or protein? What to choose for a set of weight: weight gainer or protein?


What else should I mention? If you are relying on intensive training and weight set, weight gainer or protein is a must to achieve this goal. Calculate how much energy will have to spend on training days and rest, what should be your diet, and do not forget that the metabolism, given to you by nature, is of paramount importance. If you take into account all the factors, then choose gainer or protein will be very simple.