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As they say, love for all ages. But in our society some prejudice against unequal marriages. We consider normal, when the husband over the wife, but if a woman much older than her husband - it is strange to us. But there are couples who prove the opposite: despite the difference in age, they are happy and love each other. One such example - the 19-year-old Gary and 72-year-old Almeda. For two years a couple happily married.

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71-year-old Almeda Errelli and 17-year-old Gary Hardwick met at the funeral of his son Robert Almeda. And we fell in love, when the widow of Robert Lisa invited them both to a pizzeria Chuck E Cheese in two months. Gary just recovered from the parting with his beloved 77-year-old and saw in Olmedo "the very woman." Roman grew rapidly. Just two weeks Olmedo Gary asked the most important question, and six days later they were married in a ceremony, which organized the guy for just 194 dollars.

Two years later, the husband and wife who have an age difference of 53 years, live in Maryville, Tennessee, and happy as never before.

"If you love someone, that age - it's just a number. When we met at Chuck E Cheese, I looked into his eyes and immediately fell in love. I immediately realized that it was the man with whom I want to spend my whole life. Age had not scare me ", - says Almeda. "The first thing that attracted me to Olmedo - it's her beautiful blue eyes. Well, her character. She was always cheerful, and we get along. Between us real chemistry, "- he said about his wife, Gary.

Despite such a large age difference, the couple the same interests and hobbies.

"I do not feel that I have something to lose in this marriage. I am very mature for my age and do not fit into the company odnogodok, - says Gary. - the same age as I was never attracted. Even when I was 13-14 years old, I stare at the older women. "

Gary admits that he and his wife have sex ads.

"The first time we made love on our wedding night. It was an amazing experience. We had such a deep connection. She is amazing lover ", - says Gary.

Gary and Almeda realize that not everyone likes their relationship, including the son of Olmedo, who stopped to chat with her mother since she met Gary. Almeda grandchildren, Aaron and Indiana, too, at first could not accept the relationship grandmother, especially 22-year-old Aaron, who is older than her new grandfather.

"One day I called his grandfather, but then I was drunk. I see him more as a friend than as a grandfather. But our grandmother happy, "- says Aaron. "How can we not support it? - adds Indiana. - When they first came along, it was strange. But we live in the XXI century, the age does not really matter. "

Main hobby and outlet pair became YouTube. Gary and brought Almeda channel, the theme of which began their relationship. Canal nearly 50 thousand people signed. a couple even recently released a souvenir products with your photos.

"One of the things that we love to do together - is to shoot movies. We do vlogs and Prank. And as far as I know, we are a couple with the biggest age difference among all the bloggers on YouTube ", - says Gary.

"What kind of future awaits us? I think it's amazing. We want to pursue our channel and inspire people every day, so that they know that age - it is just a number and it does not matter. If you love a person, you have to follow his heart and be happy. "