Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

Extraordinarily beautiful Moonstone belongs to the group of feldspars, although this name is more descriptive term for stones that are different mystical matte shine.

What is the moonstone?

Two different types of feldspar, which are called orthoclase and albite, together form stitches and separation of layers mineral scatters light in all directions. One form of orthoclase in the family of feldspars, which forms the moonstone, called adular. This name of the stone was due to the first place of its production in the Adularia mountain in Switzerland. Unique optical iridescence phenomenon is explained by light diffraction, which falls in the thin, alternating layers of orthoclase and albite, in stone. The thin layers create a blue glow, and thicker - produce white color with a wavy, floating glow change from blue to white color. Rare mineral structure that plays with light flows has created many mystical legends and myths surrounding this exceptional mineral.

The amulet ancient

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

metaphysically Adularia has long been associated with the moon - the color of the stone, its bright glow, which plays on the surface of the moonlight. Its energy helps balance and agility, and helps in self-analysis and self-reflection. Moonstone in many countries associated with the gods, especially with the goddess of the Earth's satellite. The ancient Greeks called it "Aphroselene", as a dedication to the goddess of love Aphrodite and the goddess of the Moon - Selene. The ancient Romans believed that Adularia incredibly similar to the Moon formed from its light and bring good luck in all affairs. This stone is considered a talisman of good luck to the goddess Diana. The most powerful time to use it - it's a full moon. To recharge the moonstone, it is located under the light of the full moon. As a protective amulet he brings positive emotions owner, protects the delicate and timid people, reunites lovers who had quarreled.

The sacred stones of the East

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

In the East, people believed that the real moon solidified and turned into a jewel, a flickering light in stone - it is a good spirit, who lives there. People in ancient India had a similar representation, and the stone is still considered sacred in this country. Traditional elephants pink stone guarded Hindu homes. Amulets of adular often hung on fruit trees to ensure rapid maturation and an abundant harvest. In Asia, the stone has been linked with the concepts of love and fidelity, so it is often used as a love talisman to ensure the loyalty of a loved one. Luxury stacked necklaces decorated with oriental beauties, and protect their love and women's health. It was believed that if you hold the moonstone in the cheek, it helps to make good and wise decisions. This versatile stone, which is endowed with magical properties, used in ancient times to treat insomnia. It is often intertwined in the ward, which is known as the "Dream Catcher".

How to distinguish the authentic stone?

In the family of feldspars Moonstone is found in many igneous and metamorphic rocks. The color scheme is different shades of green, blue, light blue, peach, pearl and opal color. Moonstone (photo) is one of the few gemstones that are so characteristic inclusions that their appearance guarantees the identity. A pair of tiny cracks, which are located parallel to the vertical axis of the crystal, and small fractures oriented along them, have been named "centipedes" - a brand name, which determine Adularia. Transparent and opaque gems processed whole range of different colors, from colorless to deep brown color through various shades of yellow, gray, green and pink. But the play always produce a characteristic glow in blue or white.

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

"Stone Traveler"

In European horoscopes adular corresponds to the sign Cancer. Moonstone in astrology around the world are associated with water and believe that it protects sailors and travelers. So he got another name - "Stone Traveler". It has a special place among the many healing qualities of stone features. Adularia used for the development of intuition and psychic perception. The game and the offset of light on its surface is used Ouija and meditation. If you always wear jewelery with moonstone, are considerably enhanced qualities such as:

  • intuition;
  • inner harmony;
  • tranquility;
  • love and happiness;
  • new beginnings;
  • lucid dreams;
  • psychic abilities;
  • self-preservation (especially when traveling);
  • receptive capabilities.

Adularia used to protect against insanity, epilepsy and any adverse changes in the mind and psyche. Moonstone is a very personal talisman and perfectly reflects the character of the owner.

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

The healing properties of

Adularia is widely used by healers. It is believed that it is a female stone that allows you to open the emotional essence. Its healing powers help to stimulate the pineal (pineal) gland hormones to balance the inner loops with the rhythms of nature. Moonstone confer properties that stimulate internal growth and strength. In the treatment it provides physical assistance during the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances and all the women-only health issues. Meaning moonstone for women covers the very important questions, including:

  • fertility;
  • the circulatory system;
  • emotional distress, anxiety and stress;
  • the excess liquid in the body (reduces swelling);
  • regenerative effect for the eyes, skin and hair;
  • vision problems.

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone


Adularia used in jewelry for centuries, dating back to ancient times. The Romans admired moonstone and used it to create cameos, necklaces, beads, bracelets, magic amulets and figurines. Many jewelers have created ornaments and trinkets using a moonstone, magical properties which are highly valued as a talisman:

  • the giver of good luck;
  • helps to know the future;
  • enhances intuition;
  • promotes inspiration;
  • bring luck in love;
  • providing protection on land and at sea.

The phenomenon of his jewelry possibility is to enhance the beauty of the game of floating light. Stone shows the pictures - it can be a star or a cat's eye. Quality moonstones with strong colors have a very high dome cabochons, their silvery-white or bluish luster shine on the surface. These gemstones are known as "cat's eye". Normally their size ranges from 10 to 20 carats. Sometimes the "cat's eye" has a second strip or beam which intersects the first at a right angle. Such Adularia with cross eyes, called "stellar". Appearance, natural effects and unusual glow attracts lovers of fine jewelry and collectors.

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

The enticing color and multivariate intrigue

When the French jeweler René Lalique created copyrights beautiful decoration for the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt in the beginning of the century, Moonstone was the highlight of his work. And no wonder - the pale blues rock lights created a magical experience, hinting at unknown depths. Beautiful moonstones on hand of an experienced jeweler can display two-dimensional and show how light is refracted in and scattered around the stone. Adularia - a stunning discovery for cocktail rings and necklaces, often paired with turquoise and topaz. Especially charming combination jewelry is silver and moonstones. White tone and natural patina silver are a perfect complement to the color of the stone. Collection of high quality jewelery offer bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, charms, pins, brooches and earrings with moonstone in the author's performance.

Moonstone Quality

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

Rough raw mineral is quite an ordinary appearance, forming a colorless or off-white crystals with horizontal stripes or a pronounced luster. Adularia after jewelry processing almost always cabochon, which shows the full beauty of the moonlight flicker. The jewelry often presents white or gray shades with shimmering texture that makes it kind of really magical. The most valuable are colorless, transparent purified moonstone, which has a strong blue glow. Such stones are mined in Burma and sources significantly depleted today. Occasionally such findings are still found in Sri Lanka, India and Madagascar. The bulk of the highest grade of stones with a blue glow is only sold from one dealer to another, and their prices are escalating.

Origin Adularia

The earliest and best source of Moonstone was Gotthard in Switzerland, formerly known as Mount Adularia. Although the name "adular" is rarely used today, gemologists around the world considered to be moonstone feldspars in which the interaction of light with layers of tiny crystals of albite. The thinner the layer, the blue light brightness, and the thicker layers - the color whiter. When choosing a ring with a moonstone, judges are looking for two things: a perfect shape and shade of color. What is considered ideal?

  • For the color - it is absolutely colorless transparency.
  • to shine - it is a deep, flowed a blue glow that glides over the surface of the stone or moves against the light.

Like most ideals, for Moonstone such characteristics are rare. Experts estimate that only one out of 100 Adularia of Sri Lanka can be described as "blue".

Species Moonstone

Moon rock. Jewelery with moonstone

Since then, Burma and Sri Lanka are no longer able to supply high-quality stones are imported from America, Mexico, Tanzania, Myanmar, Canada, Australia and Russia. But far from ideal delivered from these countries moonstone, its low price. For stones with cat's eye or star will have to pay in proportion to the beauty and size of the "eyes" and its clarity. In rare cases, you can find multi-colored stones that glow blue with green or orange at the same time. They are highly valued and are known as the rainbow. Translucent pale pearly and opalescent, shimmering reflection of the stone comes now mainly from Canada. This stone is so beautiful that many people wear rings, pendants or necklaces with adularia. Basically, the color becomes more brownish with tiny traces of stress, which are characteristic of this stone. It is a pity that the noble blue glitter occurs less and less frequently, and may disappear completely.