History of the deepest wells

• History of the deepest wells

In the USSR, I loved the scale, but more, and spread it on literally everything. That was in the Union dug one well, which today bears the title of the deepest on earth. It is noteworthy that no well was drilled for oil production or exploration work, but purely for research.

History of the deepest wells History of the deepest wells

Tips that drilled the well.

Kola ultradeep well, or SH-3 - the deepest hole in the ground made by man. Located in the Murmansk region, 10 kilometers from the city of Zapolyarny, in a westerly direction. The depth of the hole - 12 262 meters. Its diameter at the top is 92 centimeters. The lower - 21, 5 centimeters. An important feature of the SG-3 is that, unlike any other wells for oil production or geological surveys, this was drilled solely for scientific purposes.

History of the deepest wells

Laid the well was in 1970, on the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's birth. The selected site is remarkable in that the well was drilled in the outcropping of volcanic rocks older than 3 billion years. By the way, the age of the Earth is about 4, 5 billion years. When the extraction of mineral resources are rarely drilled wells deeper than two thousand meters.

History of the deepest wells

The work went for days on end.

Drilling began May 24, 1970. To the level of 7000 meters of drilling was going easily and safely, but after being hit in the head less dense rocks problems began. The process has slowed down. Only 6 June 1979 was a new record - 9583 meters. Previously, he was installed in the US oil producer. Mark of 12,066 meters was passed in 1983. The result was achieved by the International Geological Congress, which was held in Moscow. Subsequently, the complex occurred two accidents.

History of the deepest wells

Now the complex looks like.

In 1997, the media expounded a blatantly several legends that Kola ultradeep well and there is a real road to hell. In one such legend says that when the team is down to a depth of several thousand meters of the microphone, there were heard human screams, moans and cries.

Of course, nothing like that happened. Although, if only because to record sound in the well at that depth using special equipment - but it did not fix anything. On the complex really happened several accidents, including an underground explosion occurred during drilling, but no underground "demons" geologists certainly not disturbed.

History of the deepest wells

The very well conserved.

Indeed it is important that the SG-3 employed 16 research laboratories. During Soviet times, Russian geologists were able to make many valuable discoveries and a better understanding of how our planet is arranged. Work at the site has significantly improved drilling technology. The scientists were also able to understand the local geological processes that have received comprehensive data on the thermal regime of mineral resources, underground gas and deep water.

Unfortunately, today the Kola ultradeep well closed. The building complex of dilapidated since then, in 2008 there was closed the last lab, and all the fittings are removed. The reason is simple - lack of funding. In 2010 the well has been conserved. Now it is slowly but surely being destroyed due to natural processes.