"What can we build a house?", Or that some people are building today?

The house - a place where certainly should want to return to each person. Some people choose as their permanent accommodation apartments, while others are full house, well, and still others, such as the old cement factory, and today - this is not news. Today we will tell you about how of an abandoned building, you can make candy, or how to build a home that will scare the neighbors.

Yes, this too can be. In any case, this is a very interesting buildings, which are required to be shown to you, our dear readers. It is likely that you can draw from these ideas is something for yourself. But beware, the neighbors are not asleep!

Abandoned cement factory, which turned into a cozy studio

There is nothing surprising in the fact that man, and especially the architect occurred to remake an old abandoned factory in a real medieval castle, namely such people perceive it by looking at the photo above. Ricardo Bofill - the architect, and that he discovered in 1973 the dilapidated cement plant from time to time. It is a huge building located close to Barcelona.

This building has its own history, because the plant itself was still working in the First World War. Unfortunately, some time later, the building only to destroy, but not reconstructed. Through the efforts of the team Ricardo Bofill, and most of the architect, in a few years repairs and partial decoration of the plant were completed.

Ricardo decided to make the main emphasis on the vegetation around the building itself. In the photo above you can see how beautifully ovivayut construction of various plants. This is an excellent move, because if the plant was not, it would be simple bare and not particularly attractive wall. Around the plant, it was decided to place several so-called holiday destinations, which perfectly fit into the overall design.

It is worth noting that every room, every corner of the studio did not like each other. Everything was done so that all the complicated form of the building attracted to their walls. The architect, who devoted their offspring for forty years. still it adds something to his house. Looking at this building, shrouded in greenery, one can hardly believe that once it has been operating a cement plant.

Ricardo himself he says he's crazy about this building. He loves every corner in this place and cherishes them. The architect is not going to stop there. He actively continues to work on new projects. Perhaps in the near future Ricardo Bofill will delight us with new non-standard houses, which, thanks to him and his team, will be born.

Devils, hands out of the walls and the skull. Which house strikes fear in the inhabitants of agro Ratomka?

If you have an idea and money, why not fulfill his dream and build a house with devils, skulls and arms of the walls? Yes, this is the little house one businessman from Belarus has decided to build in the agro Ratomka. Needless to say, that he is scared of locals is not a joke?

Many people refuse to drive by the house of their children and grandchildren, so that they are not scared, but at night, according to local guarding, this stone terror generally better to get round. "Then at night at all" beauty "indescribable. I once walked past and saw that the midnight here at the devils, those which are placed on the roof, even in the eyes of the lights are burning "- says a local resident Maria Nikolaevna.

I do not know what all thinking businessman, when he was building this house. The locals in shock and was about to lodge a complaint against the owner of the house with devils.