How does the dream and why we dream

• How does the dream and why we dream

The question of why we dream, the scientists asked themselves more than once. But so far only known for certain what dreams coincide with the REM sleep phase. Then - some guesses.

How does the dream and why we dream

The physiologist Ivan Sechenov believed that "the dream is an unprecedented combination of seasoned experience." And as a dream, in his opinion, based on the reflexes, any random stimulus can cause a chain of images. For example, if a person is frozen in a dream, he may dream of snowy plain, where he is trying to make a fire. If the hungry can see the kitchen where something is cooking.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud had a different view. He believed that in the dreams of our subconscious sends the encrypted information on repressed and forbidden sexual desires. For example, feeling attracted to blood relative, a man, of course, can not realize their desire in reality, but in a dream - easy. True, there is a desire will manifest itself not directly, but in the form of symbols, which are yet to be solved.

How does the dream and why we dream

Some scientists compare the human brain to a computer, where the dream - is to optimize the disk. By the way, the notion that the brain is resting in sleep, wrong. It is proved that during sleep its activity only at 10-15% less than in the waking state. From this version of that dream - it's random, which have absolutely no sense and add up to a story haphazardly. That is why we remember about 10% of their dreams, of which the first five minutes after waking forget half. So the body gets rid of unnecessary information. Psychiatrist Allan Hobson believes that the dream man simulates the possible threats and learn to avoid them or simulate their responses to possible situations and learns to express them. If you follow this theory, it turns out that the nightmare is only a training in case of danger in real life.

And last guess Hobson - the most popular and fashionable today. He argues that people begin to dream already at its eighth week of fetal development. First, they see colored spots and to three years of dreams begin to take shape in the subjects. However, it is also only one of the theories. Prove it is not yet possible. However, as the answer to the question, where it appeared that assumption.

There is also such a thing as prophetic dreams. That's just the nature of their occurrence is known even less. For the materialist researchers they are of no interest because of the extreme rarity - it is impossible to collect statistically significant database. A-esoteric researchers give opposite interpretations of the same subjects. To see this, it suffices to compare at least two different dream book. However, one can safely assert that if in a dream every time hurts the same area of ​​the body, it is necessary to examine it.