The most beautiful people of

• The most beautiful people of

Mankind has always glorified the beauty. Especially succeeded in this by the ancient Greeks, who brought a special formula of the human body beauty. Today to determine the most beautiful nations has become easier thanks to the annual contest most fascinating participants from different parts of the world.

The most beautiful people of The most beautiful people of


Six times the crown "Miss World" getting any winners from Venezuela. Brazil gave showbiz many famous fashion models and supermodels. The peoples of Latin America rightly considered the most beautiful. The reason lies in the leadership of ethnic diversity.

The blood contains Hispanics genotype indigenous European conquistadores and African slaves. Moreover, democratic attitudes contribute to a large number of mixed marriages. So there were ideal conditions for the formation of an attractive image of today's Hispanics. In the photo - Colombian actress Sofia Vergara.

The most beautiful people of


No less often the title of "Miss World" win great representatives of the Slavic peoples. Slavic origin unites nearly 350 million people around the world. Girls with Slavic roots often take the top ranks of various beauty ratings.

Strict jury distinguish Russian and Ukrainians as the most attractive representatives of the Eastern Slavs. The secret beauty of these peoples has deep roots in the past, because the mixture of different genotypes in different periods of history led to the formation of multiple types of appearance. In the photo - Russian model Alena Shishkov.

The most beautiful people of



Representatives of the Nordic countries stand out characteristic appearance. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and fair-skinned, they intrigue and fascinate. Representatives of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, often fall into the top five beauty pageants. In these countries still have a lot of natural blondes and blondes, although European multiculturalism can dramatically change the appearance of the inhabitants of Scandinavia. More and more media completely different genotype appears in these countries. Not far off the hour when the north of Europe, blue-eyed and blond people will be a minority. In the photo - the Swedish model Elsa Hosk.

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The Japanese have long earned recognition as the most beautiful people of East Asia. Almond-shaped eyes and finely contoured nose on an oval face attracted attention and distinguish them from Koreans and Chinese. Among the population are not rare light-skinned people. Japanese owe their appearance isolation of the state in ancient times. Although the Portuguese navigators discovered the Japanese islands as early as 1543, the Rising Sun did not show hospitality to foreigners. The situation changed only in the XIX century, when Japan began to establish foreign relations with the West. In the photo - Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa.

The most beautiful people of

The Indians

According to numerous rankings, the Indians - the most beautiful people of South Asia. They attract the attention of exotic appearance, which can hardly be called typical for this part of the world. Scientists suggest that the origins of Indian appearance lie in the distant past. Around the beginning of the II century BC. e. Indo-Aryan tribes settled in the northwest of modern India. Russell in the neighboring regions, carriers in Vedic culture mixed with the indigenous population. Ethnic education survived thanks to the strict caste hierarchy. Even today, the representatives of the higher castes have a lighter color than the lower. For modern Indians are characterized by full lips and big eyes, an oval face, blue-black, straight hair. they are usually short, rarely seen Indian higher than 185 centimeters. But Sikhs several stand out because they are an average of 5-10 centimeters higher than the average resident of India. In the photo - Indian actress Riya Sen.

The most beautiful people of


Lebanese beauties many times took first place at the prestigious international competitions: Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Intercontinental. And no wonder, because the Lebanese are renowned for their attractive appearance and has long been recognized as the most beautiful people of the Middle East. Among immigrants from Lebanon, most of the population are Arabs, many celebrities. Lebanese roots have model RASIT Tawil and lawyer Amal Alamuddin, actor Tony Shalhoub, Salma Hayek, singers Shakira and Massari. In the photo - the Australian model of Lebanese origin Gabrielle Bou Rachid.