What to see in Bulgaria

Bulgaria - a European country, which is located in the south-eastern part of Europe.

Short info:

- Capital: the city of Sofia;

- Area: 110 993 km²;

- Population: more than 6989 thousand people .;.

- Official language: Bulgarian.

What to see in Bulgaria

Mountain tourism in Bulgaria

Most of Bulgaria - the highlands. The Balkan Mountains cross the country from the east coast to the western borders. Mountain range conventionally divides the country into two parts: North and South. Therefore, it is very well developed, so-called, mountaineering.

But fans of sports such as rock climbing and caving are encouraged to visit the Rhodope Mountains, which are considered the largest mountain range in the country. Also, this mountain range is an excellent option for hiking and trekking. Also in this part of the country and there are attractions created by nature, such as:

- Trigrad which is a canyon, a length of about 7 km.

- Jagodina cave, named one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. The length of the cave complex is about 10 km.

- The cave called "Devil's Throat".

- Amazing bridges located in Erkyupriya River Valley, the western part of the mountain massif.

And well the guests will be able to plunge into the history and culture of the country, visiting the historically and culturally significant places and shrines, which are located in the Rhodope Mountains, namely: Bachkovo Monastery, the Sanctuary on the outskirts of the village of Tatul, or as it is called, Thracian sanctuary, Asen's Fortress, the ancient city of Perperikon.

What to see in Bulgaria

Bulgarian ski resort Bansko

It is located in Bulgaria and the world-famous mountain resort called Bansko. Today, many tour operators, including travel agencies are ready to assist its customers and organize an unforgettable trip to the above ski resort in Bulgaria. The most optimal time for skiing from mid-December to mid-April. In winter this ski resort attracts those who are keen on skiing and snowboarding. This resort is famous for its comfortable ski slopes, equipped with modern comfortable lifts.

At the same time the summer resort of Bansko is happy to be fans of this extreme hobbies like mountain biking.

And also resort attracts tourists and their elegant and spectacular landscapes and scenery. It is in this part of Bulgaria is famous all over the world or Pirin National Park Pirin Park. So if you came to the Balkan Peninsula in the fall and in front of you a question: "what to visit in Bulgaria?". Be sure to go on a tour in Pirin Park.

A distinctive feature of this protected area is that it extends at an altitude of one thousand to two thousand meters and covers an area of ​​400 km².

This park since 1983 is a UNESCO world heritage site. Pirin Park is divided into six areas:

1) The reserved area called Bayuvi-dupka - Dzhindzhiritsa is the oldest part of the park and is located between the apexes Pirin and Banský-Sukhodil. In this part of the park there are more than five hundred species of plants, many of which are under protection and listed in the Red Book of the country. 2) Zone vortex.

3) The park called Bezbog.

4) Sinanitsa.

5) Kamenitsa.

6) Rub the river.

To get to the ski resort where is the Pirin National Park is quite simple. For example, from the capital of Bulgaria constantly ply buses on the route Sofia-Bansko.

Where to tourists in Bulgaria in the summer?

Many tourists stay in Bulgaria is associated with the sea and the beach. In fact, fans of "soak up the sunshine and lie on the sand" can relax on one of the many beaches of Bulgaria.

For example, the most famous resort for such a holiday is a resort area called Golden Sands. This resort is located 18 kilometers from the port city of Varna. I would like to draw your attention that the rest of the resort - an optimal combination of price and comfort. Therefore, every year a huge number of tourists from Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus sent it here to have a great vacation and relax your whole family.

Note that visitors will always be able to stay in one of the hotels, which are located along the coast, or even to rent for a long time, an apartment or house.

Beaches in "Golden Sands" sand and clean, and the bottom flat. Also this resort "would have to taste" and fans of fun filled vacation, because the "Golden Sands" - is the center of entertainment and water attractions. Here is the water park "Aquapolis". In this entertainment area has a huge variety of high and steep hills, there are waterfalls, caves and grottoes. Here visitors can relax after a visit to the pool, where there is a Jacuzzi with three toning shower or a relaxing massage. Also in the water park there is also a children's area, which is certainly not indifferent to a child of any age. After all, there are water rides for the little ones and breathtaking ring slides for teens.

What to see in Bulgaria

Also in the list of attractions of the resort, which is highly recommended is worth a look, even if you come to Bulgaria for a few days, includes the following:

1. Park Golden Sands. In this park, there are special viewing platforms and a place to rest, so you can retire in the shadow of the mighty oaks and maples.

2. Unique rock monastery Aladzha, which is also called the monastery of the Holy Trinity. Not far from this shrine is a museum where there is attention of tourists presents fragments of frescoes, a collection of vintage clothing, household items, pottery, and other artifacts.

3. Exhibition Complex "Chiflika". Located in the town of baht. This ethnographic complex, where you can see and be acquainted with the traditions of the villagers of the first half of the twentieth century.