Rules of life Roisin

• The rules of life Roisin

Rules of life Roisin

I still do not understand who I am - a star or celebrity.

Ro-tires. So say my name. It is an Irish and a little too Irish. It is so Irish that the British did not know how to say it. On British radio stations, they always call me Rozin.

I do not like interviews. I try to speak only when I have something to say.

When I was about 14 or 16, my mother thought I swallow some drugs. But I did not touch the drug up to 18 years. Just my friends are actors, musicians and artists.

Music in my childhood was a little. My father was a strange idea of ​​hygiene. At the end of each week, he filled the tub with hot water to the brim, and then flopped into it for a couple of hours with a bottle of wine and old songs shouted so loudly that it was heard throughout the area.

If a child your family, drinking, start chasing you with scary faces and make you once again to sing "Do not cry for me, Argentina" (a song from the musical "Evita" -. Esquire), is unlikely you ever want to link their life with the music.

I do not consider myself a professional. I never was a singer. I - it's just an experiment.

Moloko (British band that existed from 1994 to 2006 -. Esquire) was the beginning of my relationship with the music. Everything I did after that, you can just take a string of adventures. Any musician will sooner or later ask yourself one question: why the hell I was doing what was expected of me.

My new album is called Hairless Toys (English "Bald toys" -.. Esquire). Critics say that this is one of the worst decades titles. But my music has never bromide in the top 10. So I have nothing to lose.

I am a mother of two children, and it means that I have long been able to do what I want. Children free your head from the huge number of obstacles.

I think feminism today is moving in opposite directions at the same time - two steps forward, three steps back. Women can, and entered the parliament, but they still continue to assess the age, physique and ability to be beautiful in the eyes of the public. That's why I always say that I see only some gestures and intentions, but I do not see a change.

Feel free to talk about me, "beautiful" and "radiant".

I can not say that I do not hipster, so what the hell, I'm one of them. It's like a friend of mine told me once, "I do not hipster", and the whole room with its floor to ceiling was filled with cassette recorders, which he bought on the Internet. I told him: "You're crazy. You have here the whole damn shop mobile decks, one of which was made in 1970 for the blind, and you say that you do not hipster? Are you sure you mad. " People misunderstand the significance of social networks. When I checked into another social network, it does not mean that I have to tell people boring garbage about her life.

I love to make huge skrepbuki with clippings from newspapers and magazines, because it helps me to think. The main thing - is to find a way to draw energy, rather than endless work on the bugs, as it seems to many.

Most of my favorite songs is impossible to describe. How would you describe Radiohead?

Music is the starting point of many great events and many great solutions. a couple of thousands of years already on the good and bad things people are inspired by music.

It's funny that people are seriously trying to measure the life of things like money or success.

I can quietly go to Tesco (supermarket chain -. Esquire) and remain unrecognized, unless, of course, will not wear any jacket with shoulder pads of the eighties.

The hardest thing to stop doing something that can not be done.

I attract those who are attracted by the music.