Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

The most spectacular and amazing sinkholes where you can swim, located in different parts of the world!

10. Pond Hamilton (Hamilton Pool), Texas, United States

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

Timeless pond Hamilton (Hamilton Pool Preserve) - it is a natural body of water, formed thousands of years ago, when the body of an underground river collapsed due to severe erosion. It is located 37 kilometers west from the city of Austin on Highway 71.

Starting from the 1960s, Hamilton's Pond is a favorite place for bathing residents and guests of Austin. This is a terrific pool of jade green color, which flows into a 15-meter waterfall.

9. That Sua (To Sua), Samoa

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

Sua Ocean Trench That (To Sua Ocean Trench) is located in the village of lotus-eaters (Lotofaga) (with a population of 1089 persons) on the southern coast of the island of Upolu (Upolu) in Samoa. Natural deep valley with a giant staircase and a small pier is open to visitors. To swim in the 30-meter reservoir, will have to pay about $ 15.

Upolu Island was formed from a large basaltic shield volcano. With an area of ​​1125 km² and a population of 135,000 people, is the second largest and most populated geographical region in Samoa. The island nation of Samoa declared its independence from New Zealand in 1962.

8 Dean's Blue Hole (Dean's Blue Hole), The Bahamas

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

As the deepest sea hole (202 meters), Dean's Blue Hole "is almost two times deeper than any other blue holes in the Caribbean formed caved in on top of a limestone cavity". Dean's Blue Hole is nearly circular at the surface, its diameter is 25-35 meters. After descending to 20 meters, it significantly expands and forms a cave 100 meters in diameter.

There are several water-filled sinkholes that are deeper blue Dina hole, for example, Zakaton (Zacatón) in Mexico (335 meters) and Pozzo del Merry (Pozzo del Merro) in Italy (392 meters). However Blue Hole Din is the deepest known sinkholes filled with water, the entrance to which is located below sea level.

7. The island of Marieta (Marieta Island), Mexico

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

The origin of this idyllic paradise with crystal clear water and sandy beaches is surprising - it is, in fact, the most picturesque place bombs fall.

This secluded strip of sand is believed to be formed when the site was used by the Mexican government for the training of shooting ranges in the early 1900s. And where one would expect to see the ruins and debris, is a luxurious deserted beach near the city of Puerto Vallarta on the island of Marietta.

To get to this secluded miracle, you need to swim through a short tunnel, followed by a scenic beach, amazing unspoilt wildlife.

6. Jellyfish Lake (Jellyfish Lake), Palau

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

Located on an uninhabited rocky island off the coast of Koror in Palau, Jellyfish Lake is one of the 70 lakes in this Pacific archipelago, were once part of the ocean, but now cut off from him. Some suggest that the jellyfish were trapped in lakes around 12,000 years ago, after the post-glacial period, the sea level rose. Eating fast growing algae and having no natural predators that could keep their population under control, they are completely flooded a small lake, and although they have a sting, they are too small to man felt them.

Swim in the lake is safe and permitted, but not divers, because diving can disrupt the ecosystem.

5. sinkholes Zakaton (The Zacatón Sinkhole), Mexico

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

sinkholes Zakaton (El Zacatón) - is filled with thermal water sinkhole in Zakaton system, a group of unusual karst sinkholes, located in the municipality of Aldama (Aldama), near the Sierra de Tamaulipas (Sierra de Tamaulipas) in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas (Tamaulipas), Mexico. It is the deepest water-filled sinkhole in the world, whose depth is 339 meters.

The world record depth of immersion into this sinkhole was established in 1993 by Dr. Ann Kristovich (Ann Kristovich). immersion depth was 169 meters.

4. "Big Hole" (Big Hole), Kimberley, South Africa

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

The mine in Kimberley - is the largest quarry, developed without the use of specialized equipment, which is located in the Northern Cape (Northern Cape), South Africa. It is an open pit and underground mine, from which about 2720 kilograms of diamonds were mined.

3. Giola (Giola), Thassos, Greece

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

On the beautiful Greek island of Thassos has Giola, secluded lagoon near the village of Astris (Astris).

Prior to this coastal jewel for a long time to get, but those who still dare to long journey, will be rewarded with natural pond incredible beauty with a magnificent view of the sea.

2. Waterfall Tokervill (Toquerville Falls), Utah, USA

Incredible sinkholes where you can swim

Located not far from Zion National Park (Zion National Park) in a secluded area, Tokervill waterfall is a true oasis in the desert. Here you can enjoy a mix of waterfalls and ponds hot southern afternoon.

1. Sehar Lagoon (Laguna Cejar), the Atacama Desert, Chile,

Laguna Sehar - a karst lakes, craters in the Salar de Atacama (Salar de Atacama), the largest salt plain in Chile (18 km from San Pedro).

The salt concentration in the lakes ranges from 5-28%, so swimming in them, you will stay on the surface of the water, as in the Dead Sea.