Scrub lips at home: use and cooking secrets

Lip skin, delicate and sensitive, it requires regular care. It is necessary to nourish, moisturize, cleanse and protect against environmental influences. Special skin care needs in the windy and freezing weather. Scrub lip - an effective tool that cleans and nourishes. But in its composition should be no preservatives, fragrances, and other toxic chemicals. Home remedy shall consist exclusively of natural ingredients.

Scrub lips at home: use and cooking secrets

The use of natural scrubs (exfoliants)

If the skin of the lips start to crack and become very dry, prepare scrub for lips at home. Honey and sugar - the main components that will help make your lips more beautiful and brighter. Scrub allows you to get rid of peeling and tightness of the skin of the lips, it nourishes, oxygenates and improves blood circulation. The regular use of exfoliants allows you to make lips juicy, removes minor age-related wrinkles.

How to use a lip scrub

The skin of the lips need to mitigate and to steam before applying the scrub. This can be slightly wet cotton cloth in warm water and wet your mouth, leave for a few minutes. After the skin softening scrub should be applied. It should be done very carefully, it is better to apply with fingertips means careful movements on the surface of the lips. Massaging is necessary, moving from the corners to the center.

Wash off scrub lips at home with warm water, gently wipe your mouth with a towel. After that should be applied to mitigate the oil or nourishing cream. The procedure should be carried out once every week. Scrub the substrate should be at room temperature. Kept home exfoliant is not more than a week in the refrigerator, as it has no preservatives. Exfoliation should be carried out on the healthy skin of the lips. If it is damaged, there was herpes or other rashes - to use a scrub is not recommended.

Scrub lips at home: use and cooking secrets

Preparation exfoliant

In order to make the scrub lips at home, do not need to spend a lot of time and effort. Only a couple of minutes, and products that have in any home. What are the ingredients can be used for the preparation of effective scrubs? The basic ingredients are sugar and honey. You can also add oils: coconut, olive, burdock, and others.

Chopped herbs, berries and fruits are added to the scrub, nourish and moisturize the skin of the lips. The texture should be gentle, abrasive particles dissolve at the skin surface. You can mix the various components in order to get the lip scrub at home. Feedback on the effectiveness of home exfoliants positive. Girls who at least once prepared and used such formulations noted excellent results. They claim that their lips began to look much better.

Scrub lips at home: use and cooking secrets

Necessary ingredients

Exfoliant should consist of two main components: exfoliating particles (sugar pulverized coffee, salts) and a nutrient liquid (oils, milk, honey). You can experiment with different ingredients, but this should be done carefully, because the lip skin is very sensitive.

Home scrubs with sugar

Simple and very effective - scrub lips at home from sugar. He exfoliates dead skin cells and improves blood circulation. To make it possible to use both white and brown sugar. If there is a predisposition to the appearance of herpes or thrush, is particularly effective mint sugar scrub. Can be used mint essential oil (few drops), or shredded sheets (teaspoon). Mix with 1 tablespoon sugar.

Scrubs of coffee and cinnamon help to make the lips extra volume. To make it, you need to mix a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of ground coffee and a spoonful of cinnamon. In order to give a smooth consistency is necessary to add a small amount of essential oil.

You can create a chemical scrub lips at home. For this purpose, you need to take one tablet of aspirin, two tablespoons of sugar, a little glycerin and a few drops of essential oil.

Scrub lips at home: use and cooking secrets

Honey scrubs

lip skin is very tender and soft, and needs special care. Honey scrubs are great home remedies for their nutrition and hydration.

Get scrub lips at home with honey is very simple. To do this you need to mix a tablespoon of honey with a spoon of baking soda, add a little coconut oil, jojoba oil or black cumin. If honey is liquid, it is possible to use sugar to produce the desired consistency. This wonderful scrub nourishes the skin, improves blood circulation and makes lips more brightly.

When preparing an exfoliant can also add lemon juice. It is mixed with honey and sugar in equal proportions. This scrub, in addition to cleansing, saturate lips with nutrients and rehydrate them.

Scrub of honey, oatmeal and cottage cheese herculean well exfoliates the skin and makes it very soft. For the preparation you need to grind half a cup of Hercules flakes, add two tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and a tablespoon of honey. Mix well and cautious movements for 30 seconds to rub into the skin of the lips. Before applying an exfoliant it is better to steam.

Scrub lips at home: use and cooking secrets

Instead of cheese you can use pumpkin puree, which is very rich in vitamin E. It is also effective vanilla scrub for lips, it nourishes and removes dead skin cells. A small amount of vanilla extract to be mixed with a spoonful of honey and jojoba oil.

The regular use of scrubs will make your lips beautiful, getting rid of dry skin, peeling and fine wrinkles. The skin becomes soft and tender. Scrub lips at home is a more natural and less costly.