"Meteorites Guerlain": reviews. Powder in the balls Guerlain Meteorites

Face powder - a cosmetic product that women have been using for thousands of years. "Pioneers" in this sphere were the Egyptians, which was important to separate the nobles from commoners, the rich people, by definition, must have had a lighter skin, because they have not worked in the fields and are not exposed to the searing Egyptian sun. Thus for many centuries the white, milky skin color has become a sign of high birth. For example, the picture of the sixteenth century, embodying the lady with the maid, clearly demonstrates the separation of classes by color. Artist Paolo Veronese painted servant tanned and noble lady - with pale skin and delicate blush. In the Middle Ages, the white color associated with innocence, noble pearls, so I think also very refined.

Ancient powder from flour to lead

Face powder since ancient times could be one of the foundations - vegetable or mineral. The first option is executed on the basis of rice or wheat flour. When applying such a cosmetic product it had to be sure that it did not fall on the mating surfaces, as this causes severe irritation. Of mineral powders from the Egyptians, and some modern nations are popular compositions of ocher (red, yellow). Greek women as in ancient times, bleached skin by means of lead powder, and Roman women used the crushed clay and ... Dried excrement of crocodiles.

Cosmetic banned for decades to

In history there have been periods when in some countries almost every woman to use the analogy of modern powder - flour mixture to the egg white, which is created on the face mask that hides often traces of smallpox, and venereal diseases. There were periods when the powder was forbidden at the state level. For example, the French Revolution, when considered on a cosmetic product that takes too much flour and the powder was forgotten for decades. Its extensive use was revived in the twentieth century, when there was a cinema and actresses had to carefully make-up.

Compact Powder with sponges appeared in the 30s. the last century, and since then she and her counterparts are friable each of the fair sex.

Preferences different countries

Today, give a person lighter shades still love in Asian countries, following the same principle that no tan is associated with the absence of the need to work hard in the field. In Russia for many years valued bright tan and rather terracotta powder (in the beads, compact or crumbly) as evidence of the fact that she can afford to visit the resorts in hot countries. In addition, bronze skin color can hide the natural pallor and unhealthy appearance.

Powder "Meteorites" ( "Guerlain") - positive feedback!

But times change, and noble white is back in fashion. Emphasize this trend come from many global cosmetic brands, which produce crisp and compact powder options. "Meteorites Gerlen" refer to an intermediate embodiment between the two layout methods cosmetic. Compact powder is usually available in small quantities, applied with a sponge, it fits easily into a handbag. Friable same options are designed for home use. They take up more space and are applied with a large brush or a sponge.

Ball Powder is popular for about a third of a century

Powder (shariki- "meteorites") "Guerlain" is based on the technology of the 80s of the last century when manufacturers realized that we needed a tool that will be consumed slowly and lie on a thin layer of skin. Thus it appeared the first ball blushers. They are boxes with balls of different colors, often exotic - greenish, bluish, purple, which, mixed with traditional tones - pink, beige, brown, and others, make it possible to get a variety of shades without the contrast in the transitions. In addition, ball blushers often added mica elements, which gives the skin a shimmering shades.

own beauty mix

Powder in the balls - this is a very economical product as at the touch of a brush means is taken just the right amount. Therefore, some of the ladies can use this option powdered years. Some women are even specially buying various articles to mix the balls on their own, picking up more and more new shades.

Powder "Meteorites" ( "Guerlain"), the price of which today exceeds 3, 2 thousand. Rubles for packing in 13-15 grams, can be a worthy gift for any woman. Some examples of cosmetic agent have excellent floral aroma violets, which will make the image of the girl additional element tenderness and beauty. The manufacturer recommends to apply the product to the area of ​​the cheeks to give a light blush and unsurpassed shine.

Three Lights shade

Powder "Guerlain" ( "Meteors") on the Russian market represented mainly three options for number 2-4. The second number gives the skin a fresh pink-beige shade which is provided by elements of white, pink, pearl shades. number three is composed of more than beige, light brown, light purple balls that combine to give a neutral beige color. Under the number "4" is on sale golden-beige tone, where, in addition to a sufficiently rich pink components, there are purple, brown and yellow hues.

Powder "Meteorites" ( "Guerlain"), reviews of which are often enthusiastic - is the subject of dreams of many girls, who look forward to the sales to get the coveted box at an affordable price. Owners also desirable and, by the way, beautiful jars, reported that the manufacturer has provided in the package rubber plug that does not disintegrate means, and quite dense structure "balls" at the first stage of use. Therefore, to get a very fine texture, elements need a little "porazmeshivat" brush.

Cosmetic product does not suit everyone

Cosmetic "Meteorites" ( "Guerlain"), the price of which is high for the majority of Russian women nevertheless have a significant presence. Girls find this an excellent matte powder product, which is applied over foundation and ordinary powder for delicate skin glow and quite severe haze. Ladies believe that the light powder is well suited for blondes with white skin without explicit fat. The latter is because the glow additionally emphasize shine and reduce the attractiveness of the face. For normal to dry skin, even the "Meteors" will be optimal because it does not emphasize the peeling. Foreign same tests showed that the powder looks great on dark skin.

Product "meteorites" ( "Gerlen") responses which varied contains the optimum amount of mica particles which are expressed may be visible only to the electric light, while daylight almost imperceptible but create the above-described skin radiance. Russian women customers said they had a box of powder and a half years on a daily basis, so the agent actually consumed sparingly.

to buy cosmetics in the audited stores

Powder can be purchased in a limited number of retail chains, with which cooperates manufacturer, including "Letual". "Meteorites" ( "Guerlain") where you can buy both gift certificates, and cash and cashless payments. The price might be slightly higher than in the online store, however, and the likelihood to buy a fake significantly lower. The original product is offered in a metal jar with the logo of a stylized flower, which is simply a pleasure to hold among the cosmetic front of a mirror (there are other limited editions in the package). "Meteorites" ( "Guerlain"), which reviews across different, not like women who do not understand the purpose of a cosmetic product. Some expected the powder more than just the effect of radiance and light haze, so the product is considered of high value trifle, but in a very beautiful gift box. Average, which received the "Meteors", is quite high and is 4, 5 out of five, so each of the fair sex itself must decide - to get her to this product or not.