Hunting carbine "Tiger": technical specifications, prices and reviews

Quite a long time domestic experts are heated debate about whether to use hunting conversion of samples of military weapons, which do not differ much from their military counterparts. Many believe that it is more convenient and the "right" to go fishing with classic rifles. But hunters stubbornly refuse and the old trehlineek or SCS, along with enjoyed and modern self-loading rifles, which were designed based on the AK-74M, the PKK and the SVD. In this series carbine "Tiger" stands out. He is a modified sniper rifle sample of the sixties of the twentieth century, which was the designer of E. Dragunov.

Hunting carbine

This is a semi-automatic weapon began to produce commercially at "Izhmash" in the early nineties of the last century on the basis of famous SVD. I must say that the latter is still used for army weapons, including Russian, t. To. Has excellent reviews with recommendations. So use it to produce a new hunting rifle was not only logical, but also feasible.


Carbine "Tiger" has replaced already considered obsolete trehlineyke. The need for the creation of these weapons has been brewing for a long time. There was even a competition, in which the General Staff of the Armed Forces were clearly defined requirements, which in those days were regarded as difficult to combine with each other. Setting the military was tough. It was the fact that the new self-loading rifle was to "work" under the three-way cartridge is not inferior to its reliability AKM, be equipped with a ten cartridge magazine. Patterning, which is typical, usually for sport or police weapons that were not originally included in the list of requirements. Therefore, one who uses a carbine "Tiger" for precise shots at the maximum distance, this fact should be taken into account.

Hunting carbine


TTC, which has a long carbine "Tiger", produce from her trouble-free operation even in the most difficult conditions. Initial velocity rifle bullets -. 830 m / s, its weight - 4, 3 kg. The total length of the base model - 122, 5 cm, and rate - a minute thirty shots. In this case, a carbine "Tiger" short much less: its size - 530 mm. The barrel of this rifle has four thread, stroke of which 240 or 320 millimeters.

The automatic reloading of propellant gases under the influence of energy, which extend from the channel to the gas chamber, and also due to the "work" of return springs. Scoring single shots as well as formation of a fuse is provided trigger mechanism of a hammer type. On the right side to the receiver is safety lever. Recess for mounting optics is arranged on the left. "Tiger" - a carbine, the price of which depends on the modification. It has the capability of shots with open sight.

Modification carbine

Hunting carbine

Under the legislation of some countries, including the US, France and England, the import of weapons that are similar in appearance with combat is prohibited. Therefore, when the end of the last century, was once again raised the question of the removal of restrictions on the export of Russian sporting and hunting guns, it prepared a new version of the "Tiger". As a result, it had to be carefully finalized. Manufacturers of Izhevsk took into account the features of some international laws and domestic consumer complaints, creating a new modification - carbine "Tiger-1", which appeared side universal mount, "consonant" under most hunting scopes. muzzle flash suppressor-brake was added, which significantly reduced the impact. In addition, several mutated butt receiving pistol type handle, increased the capacity during shift shoot flies. As a result, a carbine "Tiger" was released in four versions, depending on the cartridge. This semi-automatic hunting rifle the bullets .308Win, .30-06Sprg, 9, 3h64. But the most popular of today is considered a carbine "Tiger" .7, 62x54R cartridge.

Unlike the basic model, this modification is equipped with a non-removable flame arrester having an internal cone. In addition, it lacks the controller which is normally mounted on the gas tube.

Hunting carbine



Manufacturing technology of this component in a given weapon is unique and nowhere in the world is no longer used. Initially, the workpiece passes deep drilling, oil is under high pressure. Thereafter, the channel it was subjected to double scan. The resulting smooth barrel polishing further using electric discharge. Then comes the most interesting stage: the blank is placed in a specially prepared solution. Inside his tool is introduced slowly. It has an exact copy of the rifling. Under the influence of discharge smooth inner surface of the barrel receives a replica of the forming tool.


The channel is exposed is not peculiar to sniper rifles chrome plating. "Tiger" - a carbine, which reviews evidence that such a coating greatly facilitates shooting, and has negative feedback in this matter.

Hunting carbine

With various modifications, which produced a hunting carbine "Tiger", fishers go on shooting long enough. Moreover, these weapons can be seen as the professionals and the amateurs. Of course, much easier to hunt when you are holding a "short" hunting carbine "Tiger" - version with a short barrel and compact flash suppressor. Version 02 with folding stock by type of SIDS, as evidenced by the users - on the fan. However, many prefer this "Tiger" - a carbine, reviews of which testify to the convenience in transportation and long transitions.

This semi-automatic weapon unpretentious, it is easy to operate and clean. Its rate of fire and equipment do not cause complaints. Strongly encouraged users to shoot with open sights without removing the optics.

Comparison of

To draw an analogy between this gun and SVT-40, then the set of criteria is a distinct advantage over the first embodiment. It is, judging by the reviews, great reliability and chrome-plated barrel and undemanding in care.

Hunting carbine

Of course, CBT is more convenient for the fire quickly, besides it more ergonomic. Today, however, the requirements for such weapons and technology of its manufacture have changed a lot. Therefore, modern carbine "Tiger" is considered to be almost perfect for hunting in virtually any environment, moreover, it is universal.


Today it is difficult to buy a full-time JI, which has become the subject of searches of those who have in the arsenal of the "Tiger" (carbine). The price of foreign optics several a tall, so some Russian and Belarusian refineries was launched production of civilian counterparts.

Tuned "Tiger" with a collapsible framework lodges equipped with original muzzle brake and ventilated forend. Also today, the skilled craftsmen make excellent blanks for the stock. But most importantly - a convenient handguard.


The cost of the "Tiger" - a self-loading hunting rifle designed for hunting large and medium-sized and used in different climatic zones - begins with forty thousand. Modification 01 performance plastic handguard, the presence of a regulator "winter-summer", extended flash hider and a bar on one thousand two hundred meters of the store stands by forty-nine thousand.

Hunting carbine

The basic model - a carbine "Tiger" (7 62 h54), the price of which in the model number is the lowest, on request can be equipped with a telescopic sight and bracket, as well as case and strap. In this case, the cost of a few weapons will increase.

The most expensive model is the "Tiger-308 Prime" with orthopedic butt walnut, chrome bolt carrier and accuracy of fire to thirty. their barrel length is five hundred and thirty millimeters. The cost of such weapons in the store begins with a seventy-five thousand.