How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

According to research, update and replenish wardrobe each month takes about 2% of your budget. It seems that it is not too much, especially when compared with spending on food. However, if you fail the final amount for the year, it will very impressive. It is therefore urgent becomes the question: how to save on shopping, so it did not affect the flawless appearance? Today we will share these secrets.

Alas, the clothes are not eternal. It has a tear property, wear, sits after washing. And should consider the fact that we then losing weight, then get better, it also greatly affects our wardrobe. But even if you are not a supporter of fashion trends and wear things as carefully as possible, sooner or later you have to go to the store for new clothes. Here are some useful tips on how to go for shopping and spend a minimum of financial resources.

1. The quality should be at the head of

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

Always buy quality things - they will last much longer. / Photo:

As the saying goes: "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things." This phrase sounds a bit paradoxical, but only until such time as we begin to try to understand its meaning. Indeed, inexpensive clothing and shoes are usually very fast stretches, breaks, wears out and loses his presentable appearance, while the more expensive things are worn for several years. A striking example - winter boots. If you buy shoes from imitation leather, then be prepared for the fact that not even leave her season. But the purchase of a leather pair of boots will save you a lot of time, money and effort, since they can be worn for several years. At the same time, their appearance will be the same as the day of purchase. Expert opinion: The expert of the British shoe brand Oliver Sweeney Tim Cooper says that extend the life of the shoe can, if regularly moisturize it with cream or conditioner or use a water-repellent agents for wax type.

2. Fashionable plan

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

Things wardrobe must be chosen deliberately. / Photo:

Probably every girl there are situations when the cabinet would like and complete, but nothing to wear. The reason for this dilemma is that we buy extra stuff. Sometimes the clothes, which later becomes unnecessary, bought in large sales, sometimes in the store we think that the dress sits perfectly, and at home we realize that it is not us and so on. That such situation arises as infrequently as possible, Novate. ru Council to review your wardrobe and refuse to buy things that are:

• Do not blend with the rest of the clothing;

• do not comply with the usual style (why you need a pencil skirt if you usually wear jeans and a T-shirt);

• Do not approach you in age (40 in mini skirt looks not so beautiful as in 20);

• You simply do not need (though the store seems to be otherwise).

Particular attention should be paid to the last point. You really need a third blue jeans or a dress with an open back that you never wear? Incidentally, the list has not been canceled. Not to buy anything extra, think that you really need, and write down the phone. So to make purchases will be faster, easier and cheaper.

3. Strictly according to figure

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

Things should ideally sit on the figure, without causing discomfort. / Photo: The store on the mannequin you see a luxurious blue dress with a cut and a deep neckline, and already imagine what will it look like a Hollywood star? It is possible, but only if you have the perfect outfit options and really will look beautiful on you. In other cases, you have to buy something a little more simple.

Do not be fooled and always buy clothes fit. Excuse for the type of "buy - will have an incentive to lose weight", never acts. Usually dress and remains hanging in the closet, as long as you do not give it more slender girlfriend. Also immediately give up things when fitting cause discomfort. Do not get fooled by the tricks of the brain: "Nothing is spread!", "If you draw the stomach, it is normal," "It looks perfect, but that's a little bit too tight here." After you have repeatedly put on jeans or shoes, which feel uncomfortable, then you will not want to risk their comfort.

4. The right time

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

Buy things at the end of season sales. / Photo:

Everyone knows the rule: "Summer buy things in the winter, and winter - summer", though few people use it. And in vain! This principle helps to save a lot of money in advance and equip yourself with clothes and shoes for the upcoming season.

Another option - to buy the necessary at the end of season sales. So, bathing suits, which in June were worth half of your salary in September has to be sold at a good discount. Sellers bought them specially for the summer, and will be very happy to get rid of the remnants of that tomorrow will become illiquid.

5. Discounts

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

Look for promotional items. / Photo:

Watch for discounts and promotions in the store. Sometimes, two pairs of shoes are sold at the price of one or the second bag is a 30% discount. Even if you do not need a second instance, bring a friend and together save on essentials. In addition, a piece of clothing or shoes discount the since remained the same size. Perhaps it is yours, so hurry.

6. Online shopping

How to reduce costs on the clothes and not look like a country bumpkin

On the Internet a large selection and low prices. / Photo:

On the one hand, the purchase on the internet - is always a risk. There is a chance that you will send the wrong color, or you can not guess the size. But on the other hand, online shopping offers you a lot of opportunities. Just imagine: a huge selection of goods, products of international brands and very competitive prices. Sin not to take the risk!

7. Customizing

To save money, you can make out of old things fashionable and stylish. / Photo:

Customizing - a new cut and decoration items. That is, if you have a great blouse, but she was already out of fashion, because it is quite possible to make a novelty wardrobe. We need only a fantasy, the materials at hand and the ability to sew. By the way, the latter is not always necessary. We think of old jeans to make trendy shorts can any girl.