Products that help to lower blood sugar

Approximately every third person is at risk for developing Type II diabetes. Can be prediabetikom not even guess about it, because the body is struggling to cope with the problem. Get out of this danger zone may be activity, weight loss and stress levels, smoking cessation, healthy sleep. And, of course, proper nutrition. Here are some foods that can help lower blood sugar levels.

Products that help to lower blood sugar

How to eat

1. Eat every 3-6 hours

Breakfast should be on the table during the first hour or two after waking up, and then we must not forget there are snacks or full meals every few hours.

2. Food should be balanced

Half of the dishes - vegetables without starch, the second half - proteins and slow carbohydrates: brown rice, quinoa, beans ... they have more nutrients than white rice, and pasta, and dietary fiber helps to control blood sugar levels.

3. Most eat lunch

Even better - for breakfast but very few people capable of it. Before going to sleep, you can eat something small at 100-150 calories, but dinner should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. The fact is that in the evening the body has to produce more insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, than during the day.

4. Reduces portions

People with excess weight is important to reduce it in order to prevent diabetes. A smaller portion will provide fewer calories and you're still naeshsya. It is also useful to assess your hunger on a scale of 1 to 10, not to overeat.

5. Drink water

This will not fill your stomach extra calories, if in fact you want to drink, not to eat.

6. Power, not diet

Healthy eating for life is more important than diet restrictions after the end of which all can go back as it was.

And what to eat?

These products help to control blood sugar levels.

1. Leafy green vegetables

Iceberg lettuce, Kale, spinach, chard, corn - list can be long. Reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 14% with regular use in raw or finished form.

2. Fruits entirely

It is better to eat apples and oranges in a fruit rather than drink juice or smoothies, burdened with unnecessary calories.

3. Whole grains

reduce sugar fine. Dietary fiber slows the breakdown of carbohydrates, reducing the need for insulin. Also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

4. Beans

Studies have shown that those who like lentils and beans, have a lower risk of developing type II diabetes. In addition, they are rich in fiber and protein and can replace not only the usual side dishes, but also meat.

5. Good fats

Nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados - these are just a small part of the list of products with beneficial fats in the composition. However, to get involved in them over measures are not worth it.