Historical fact, which became a scene in the film "Game of Thrones"

• The historical fact, which became the scene in the film "Game of Thrones"

During the eight seasons of the acclaimed series "Game of Thrones" there have been many exciting developments, but one amazing scene from the fifth season was filmed based on a real case that occurred in the late 1400s. It is about how naked Cersei Lannister marched through the city to "atone for their sins."

Historical fact, which became a scene in the film

Jane Shore was one of the many mistresses of King Edward IV. After his death in 1483 (and the suspicious death of his son, Edward V), ascended the throne of Edward's brother - King Richard III. At the same time Richard was clearly not so enamored of Jane, his brother, and accused her (and two others) in a conspiracy against him. He also accused the woman of witchcraft, as the king, struck by scoliosis, believed that Jane uses her spells to "drain and wash out" of his body. But he could not find enough evidence, or if Jane would surely executed in the Tower of London. Instead, she was punished for immorality.

Historical fact, which became a scene in the film

In order to atone for their "sins", Shor was sentenced to public penance in the form of a walk through the city, during which she stared at the crowd of people, shouting and insulting "the harlot." She was not completely naked, like Cersei, but at that time it was no better. Jane was wearing only kirtle, thin dress worn exclusively as underwear. Other sources say that it was wrapped in a simple white sheet. Like the fallen Lannister, Shore path was strewn with sharp stones in the street, who injured her bare feet.

In contrast to the story "Game of Thrones", the test is Jane Shore is not over the fact that the defenders took her and drove away in a safe place. Instead, she remained in Ludgate prison until QC Thomas Lin is not in love with her and offered to marry him. With Lin she received a pardon and was able to live the rest of his life in a relatively calm atmosphere (unfortunately, this is not the case hoops).