Milk chocolate (hair color): who is going and how to get a shade?

It is unlikely someone could surprise a light color hair, and stereotypes about what the blonde are most popular among men in the past. A vivid image of the brown-haired may be considered more relevant. Especially this hair color is easy to combine with any wardrobe and make-up.

Milk chocolate (hair color): who is going and how to get a shade?

It will be a shade of milk chocolate. Many members of the fairer sex are attracted to it the fact that you can pick up a shade of chocolate individually for your image. The diversity of the palette allows you to choose your tone as a dark-eyed dark-skinned beauties, and owners of light skin and blue eyes.

The most relevant is it milk chocolate, because hair color when painting the paint always looks rich and the most natural. It may be fair hair with a cream shade or darker, with a splash of hot colors. But it is important to choose the right color, good paint, and to the dyeing process, not to get instead of a noble chocolate at best pale brown.

Suitable for shade "chocolate milk"?

This palette of hair colors is widely used due to the large variety. If there is a strong belief that it is milk chocolate - hair color that perfectly suits you, you should know a few rules that will help avoid the most common mistakes.

In general, milk chocolate shades suitable for almost everyone. The main thing - to choose the right. To do this, you should take into account the age and individual characteristics of each woman.

How to adapt to the shade of the age category?

Milk chocolate (hair color): who is going and how to get a shade?

First, you should consider the age category. If the color palette will fit almost all young girls, some women after forty in this choice should be treated with extreme caution. At this age, chocolate shades can make the image of a dull, that is visually add years. If, however, decided to paint it in milk chocolate hair color is better to choose a lighter or, depending on your skin tone and eye with bright splashes of red-haired.

If a woman 35-40 years old, the hair color can significantly refresh image. Naturally, for this age group is contraindicated experiment with economy class paints. For the first dye is better to go to a salon and trust the professionals. In general, the age of the very features to experiment with his looks. Many women want to change something and make life more diverse. But such changes need to be treated with caution, because the banal repainting hair at home - not the best way.

Milk chocolate (hair color): who is going and how to get a shade?

Young girls at the age of 18 can safely paint the hair in the shade of "milk chocolate", hair color will give the outward appearance sometimes lacking elegance. But at the same time, it came to nothing obliges. This is an alternative between light and dark hair.

How to choose a shade to suit individual features of appearance?

Hair Color "milk chocolate light" is more suitable for girls who have blue eyes, delicate features and fair skin. He gives the image of mystery and romanticism. As a rule, these girls have naturally blond hair. Dark shades go well with dark skin olive or golden color. Especially good they look on the fair sex, with green or brown eyes. Palette of hair color is very diverse, because to find the right shade quite simple.

What is best to wear a hairstyle with this color?

If there is a question about what hairstyle is better to wear after the hair will be repainted in the color of milk chocolate, the simple answer is no. He combined with any hairstyle from long hair without bangs to the extravagant square. The main thing that she looked the most profitable and stressed all the advantages of its owner.

Milk chocolate (hair color): who is going and how to get a shade?

How to get the desired effect?

Many masters of hairdressing agree that quality dye hair in shades of chocolate is more difficult than in bright colors. In order to disguise the blonde at home, just buy a good paint creamy texture and almost salon effect can be achieved.

Milk chocolate (hair color): who is going and how to get a shade?

Many people think that in the case of milk chocolate color will still be easier. This misconception leads to an unexpected effect faded and uneven color, though her hair was painted just that. Another error - is to buy an inexpensive ink. If such material painted in chocolate milk, hair color will look unnatural and have a lot of unwanted hues from red to greenish. In addition, so you can greatly harm the hair.

If you want to dye your hair at home, it is better buy paint at least the average price category. It is desirable to have a creamy texture, or was in the form of a mousse. The uniformity of the staining in this case is ideal, and the hair will look "alive".

Common Errors

The more expensive the paint for the most part take care of the hair, so provide an ideal and the most natural shade, "milk chocolate". Hair color, dye and dyeing process - that's the desired effect. The right color and shade will help you choose a professional stylist or a good master. To choose their own in store for hair dye - this is one of the most common mistakes.

Make the wrong choice is quite simple, if you do not know all the details of staining. After all, the result shown on the packaging - it's only about a cast that will have the hair after dyeing procedure. An identical result is achieved only after bleaching. If this procedure neglected, the effect may be most unexpected.

Another error - applying paint to the pre-dyed hair (in a color that is far from a milk chocolate). For example, blond, red or black. Most of these experiments lead to the need for re-staining with a professional master. Because such procedures have not only hit on the budget, but also a negative impact on the health of head of hair.