The last role of the famous Soviet actress

Of course, everyone remembers the legendary role of such actresses as Nonna Mordjukova, Tatiana Samoilova and Lyudmila Gurchenko. But we have decided to recall the films, which have become the latest artists.

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

Lyubov Orlova


The last part, "starling and Lear" (1974)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

Orlov, who became a star of the screen in films of her husband, film director Grigory Alexandrov, and the important role played in the film spouse. Alexandrov insisted Orlova as the main character, although her "screen husband" - actor Peter Velyaminov - was younger actress for 25 years Because of this, on the set laughed at the situation in the frame..

"Starling and Lyre" - two-part war drama about a couple scouts. However, the film was never released in the cinema due erupted in April 1974 spy scandal with the arrest in West Berlin KGB spy Günter Guillaume. The picture shown on television only in 1996.

Lyudmila Gurchenko


The latter role: "Motley twilight" (2009)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

A young Lucy Gurchenko with a thin waist and burning eyes became a star after the Christmas comedy "Carnival Night". However, in the present Gurchenko opened in the film 70. Movie "Straw Hat", "Mother", "20 days without war", "Five Evenings", as well as popular in the 1980s, "Railway Station for Two" and "Love and doves" became legends of Soviet cinema.

The last film where Lyudmila Markovna played a role, but does not appear as a cameo, began painting in 2009 "Motley twilight". Gurchenko also acted as an author and director of the project and actually played their own way - a famous actress to help young artists.

Producer Sergei Senin, sixth husband Gurchenko, who was younger than Markovna Lyudmila 26 years, the actress remained faithful until her death in 2011.

Nonna Mordjukova


The latter role, "Mother" (1999)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

The last work of Nonna Viktorovna in film was the role in the movie Denis Evstigneev "Mama" in 1999. Then the 74-year-old Mordjukova was ready to play again, but stopped inviting filmmakers actress. As later told Natalia Mordjukova, actress sister, with whom she had lived for the past few years, the artist has not been forgotten or impoverished. Despite the lack of work, often came to Mordyukova friends and colleagues by offering financial assistance, but the actress did not take the money and only live on a pension.

Tatiana Samoilova


The latter role: "Nirvana" (2008)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

The star of the drama "The Cranes Are Flying" and "Anna Karenina" she talked about her poverty and recognized that her money is hardly enough for food. Film career Samoilov did not work: in addition to the two major works of Soviet hits the actress was not, and in general there were few suggestions. Since the mid 70's to early zero actress never filmed, but in the last 8 years of his life played only 5 film roles. In 2008, Samoilova appeared in the drama "Nirvana" with Olga and Arthur Smolyaninov Sutulova.

A few years before his death, the actress began seriously ill several times left the house and got lost in the city, getting to the hospital. Samoilova died in intensive care Botkin Hospital the day of his 80th birthday - May 4, 2014.

Hope Rumyantsev


The latter role: "Unexpected Joy" (2005)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

In the three years before his death from a brain tumor she appeared in the TV movie about the Soviet communal apartment, where the main male role played by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Lyudmila Kasatkina

1925-2012 The latter role: "Lost in Paradise" (2006)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

The Beauty made its debut in the comedy "Tiger Girl" in 1954, and 10 years later she played the famous Soviet intelligence officer Anna Morozova in the mini-series "Call the fire itself." Lyudmila consistently received proposals and regularly shot, also played in the theater of the Russian army, but in the last years of his life the actress was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Kasatkina died 11 days after the death of her husband, film director Sergei Kolosov.

Anna Samokhin


The latter role: "Color Flame" (2010)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

Kudos to Anne Samokhina came after two films - "thieves in law" by Yuri Kara and the "Royal Hunt" Vitaly Melnikov. Anna's career was successful, she starred in several costume, played in the theater and television series, but the actress life was cut short too early - Samokhina died at age 47 of stomach cancer, which she was diagnosed in 2009 in the fourth stage. Before his death Samokhina played a major role in the series "Color Flame", which was released a few months after the death of the actress.

Natalia Gundareva


The latter role: "Salome" (2001)

The last role of the famous Soviet actress

In 1994, 4 years after the release of the popular series "St. Petersburg secrets", Gundareva made an unsuccessful plastic, which is reflected in her facial expressions and appearance. As a result, over the next 7 years, the actress almost did not work, and in 2001 Gundareva suffered a stroke and has not been able to recover.