"Rhapsody" (haircut): technique and styling features

What woman does not want to be beautiful? Almost every morning of the fair sex begins to bring herself up. In addition to makeup, women use and various styling tools. However, they must be applied to the already finished hairstyle. Do you know what the "Rhapsody"? A haircut! And it is very popular and is very simple. This article will introduce you to the secrets of the art performance installation.

"Rhapsody" - haircut for every girl

This hairstyle will suit almost every representative of the fair sex. Many stylists recognized universal "Rhapsody" (haircut). Photos of models you can see in this article. Laying, made a cascading manner, perfectly hides the flaws of the face and emphasizes dignity. However, in order to achieve a good result, it is necessary to take into account the length of the hair and the transition level.

How to cut "Rhapsody"?

Mowing will be professionally carried out by experienced stylists at the salon treatment. In this case you should be prepared for what will have to shell out some money for installation.

If you want to save, you can try to make yourself a haircut. However, it should enlist the help of friends or relatives. Itself create such a hairstyle is pretty easy. As well it performed "Rhapsody"? Mowing is created in several stages. It should strictly adhere to the above steps.

Pretreatment and hair separation

Shearing is performed only on moist hair. Otherwise it would be difficult to tame hair fluffed up and make a smooth cut. So, sprinkle with hair from a spray or wet mop by hand and a comb.

Next you need to select multiple parts. With the help of a thin comb, divide hair into two halves. To do this, perform a straight line from the forehead to the neck. After that, each piece is necessary to distinguish between a few more times. The hardest part is done haircut "Rhapsody" on long hair. In this case the elements will be significantly greater than for short hair. Every part of a clip lock and proceed to the next step.

Getting haircut

The earliest strands zacheshite forward so that they fell on the face. Then make a smooth hair cut. Remember, the shorter will be the first part, the more volume will hairstyle. Girls with round and full face should avoid such installation. For them, the hair cut should start no higher than the level of the cheekbones.

The second part of the hair is processed only after you have finished the first manipulation. Also zacheshite curls forward and make the cut at the first level. Similarly treat the remaining strands. If you are a haircut "Rhapsody" for short hair, then by this treatment hairstyle will transition smoothly and rather spacious. When performing on long hair stands alone mow the lower strand. In this case, the transition will be more prominent.

Shutdown scissors

How to arrange her hair, when all the hair has been processed? "Rhapsody" - haircut (photo above), suggesting tapering ringlets. To do this, comb your hair as usual and walk on the tips of special scissors.

This technique allows to make packing easier and more volume. However, if you have curly hair, you should refrain from cutting out the ends. Walk only a pair of scissors on the head and create a transition. The lower part of the leave without changes.

How do I put my hair?

If executed haircut "Rhapsody" in the medium or short hair, it becomes quite easy to care for her. Grow, locks do not create any discomfort. You do not have to visit the stylist every two weeks and refresh hair. "Rhapsody" as a haircut does not require a lot of time for styling. You just need to keep the hair clean and comb them more often. Making styling after washing, you can forget about the daily creation of hairstyles hair until the next cleaning.

Volume styling

If you prefer a strict style, then you will certainly fit this option. After washing your hair apply a mousse or spray. Use any suitable means to you. After that divide the shock of the lower and upper part. You need to start laying a base of the hair. To do this, take a hair dryer and a round brush. Dry alternately lower locks, lifting them from the roots. Further it is necessary to lay in the same manner and the upper part. When the hair is completely dry out, apply a little wax on the tips. It will help remove static and "tame" ends. Curly hair

Haircut "Rhapsody" is very original and beautiful looks on natural curly tresses. If you have just such hair, it will make packing easy. After washing, apply a hair mousse or gel. Lower your head down and dry the roots in this position. After that, return to starting position and continue drying tips. Remember that in this case, you can not use a comb or brush. Otherwise, instead of beautiful curls you get fluffed head of hair.


Haircut "Rhapsody" fits all the fair sex. And to make it possible for women at any age. If you want to change something in yourself, but are afraid, that will start with the creation of a hairstyle. Be beautiful and happy! Trust - is wanted!