Danger that could mean a declaration of love

Psychologist Michael Litvak explains what can be learned about a man by how he confesses his love. What phrases are alarms and which demonstrate a truly deep feelings?

Danger that could mean a declaration of love

I can not live without you

This phrase was a favorite among Soviet women and remains popular to this day. Psychologist comment: "The overwhelming majority of Russian women allowed us men, to express pedophile tendencies, as these are the words of the child, a little boy, but not men. Our women want to be mothers and to educate their husbands to take the position of head of household. In my opinion, a pathology. When it comes to the normal couple, both roughly the same contribution in their relationship. "

When you're with me, I even forget about alcohol and cigarettes

Litvak: "You can easily distinguish the hog from the man, and are unlikely to marry first. If you're certainly not zoophyte. Alcoholic - it is the same animal, like a pig - in any case, both grunt. Only a person suffering from addiction can utter such a phrase of his beloved, and only the patient - in the psychological sense of the word - a woman can give their preference to this declaration of love. " Nevertheless, many Russian women's nice to hear such words in his address.

I can not be happy without you. You are my true happiness!

Sounds great, does not it? At first glance, quite decent declaration of love, but after some analysis, it turns out that it's confusing

Litvak, "This is a sign of addiction, unhealthy love. Usually these feelings arise when we are in their object of passion are traits that do not themselves possess. Imagine I have a strong cool car, but I do not have wheels. A woman - a wheel. Of course, I want this relationship, because without it, I'm helpless. This means that I was "defective." The best way out - to escape from it and become a "higher" than the woman, to grow their own wheels, instead of creating a pair of abnormal, because it will make both of unhappy. "

I make my living, and my woman should stay at home

Litvak believes that the best definition of love - is "a strong desire to help the partner in his personal growth and striving for success." Accordingly, loving man will never become locked his wife or girlfriend at home, where it likely will slow growth or even degrades. " The recommendation of the psychologist: "Forget about the person who wants to stop your development, otherwise you will become a prostitute latent. The aim is not money, and self-actualization and self-importance. It is better to be a barber than a housewife. Where there is dependence can not be true love. "

I will never hurt you

If a woman is partial to a declaration of passion, it shows that deep down she expects pain and violence.

Litvak: "It is sad, but the main idea, which is still a lot of girls are brought up in Russia - a married hook or by crook, and then a lifetime to bear the cross, crying about how she was unhappy. They are taught to be a masochist and get pleasure from any kind of pain. "

Michael Litvak believes that "healthy" relationship, which begins with a happy family, expresses the following phrase: "Let's divide in half the joy and sorrow, and to learn to overcome all the difficulties together."