Myths about alcohol

• Myths about an alcohol

Scientists from the US has finally explained the real causes of alcoholism. Their studies have shown that people who abuse alcohol, just do not realize the seriousness of the situation. We decided to join scientists and dispel another 6 myths about alcohol.

Myths about alcohol

1. The Myth of a snack.

It is believed that if you richly lunched, the hangover will be much weaker.

It is not true. In fact, the abundance of food in the stomach only delays the effects of alcohol. You can drink more, getting drunk with less. This means that you drink too much, greatly exceeding their individual rate. But all drunk sooner or later gets into the bloodstream, and therefore a poison you just as much as drinking. And if we add that the abundance of fat and meat meal dramatically increases the load on the liver - it is understandable that most of the deaths quality alcohol poisoning episodes are accompanied by abundant snacks.

Myths about alcohol

2. The Myth of decreasing degrees.

It is believed that if you drink spirits after the weak, the hangover will be less than when you do the opposite.

In fact, any mixture of alcohol - evil. And the order in which you drink, do not matter.

Myths about alcohol

3. The Myth of the fat slice

If before the booze to eat a piece of fat, it will not get drunk for a long time. So even make Soviet intelligence. Not to get drunk, you need a well, a lot of fat, at least a kilo :) Well, hang all the same will come, and it will correspond to the amount of alcohol consumed, not the extent of your intoxication.

Myths about alcohol

4. The myth of dehydration.

It is believed that if during a party drink plenty of water, the hangover will not be.

In fact, you just stronger opuhnesh the next morning, because the problem is not the lack of water and its redistribution wrong. Drink water (preferably mineral water) should be in the morning, to restore blood volume. Still good to drink the brine, but not more than one glass, and then - still pure water.

Myths about alcohol

5. The myth of calories.

Alcohol is very high in calories, so alcohol can be fat.

If alcohol is burned as fuel, the energy stand out is really a lot. But in our body, this energy is not absorbed. Moreover, we have to spend a lot of energy on digestion and excretion of alcohol.

Myths about alcohol

6. The myth of the warming effect.

If you drink - once it becomes warmer.

You really feel warmer, but this is an illusion. Alcohol does not warm, but rather expands blood vessels. Therefore, the "warm" with the help of vodka or mulled wine can be only when you come in from the cold into a warm room. Drinking any alcohol (even weak) in the cold is very dangerous!