Best professional hair shampoo. Professional shampoos: reviews

Lately it has become fashionable to acquire professional products for hair care, used by masters in beauty salons. However, the buyer immediately raises the question of what the manufacturer to prefer. In this article you will learn what are the professional shampoos for hair. Consumer reviews tell us how to make the right choice.

What is the peculiarity of professional shampoo for hair?

It is believed that any professional cosmetics are of high quality raw materials used and has superior properties compared with the means domestic purposes. It should be noted that such a view has developed among consumers is not in vain. Professional shampoos for hair ( "Estelle", "Matrix", "Kapous") do have a different composition and action than their counterparts from the shelves of supermarkets. And to prove it the numerous reviews masters of hairdressing.

Best professional hair shampoo. Professional shampoos: reviews

The main purpose of professional shampoo is deep cleansing of the hair structure. Conventional means can not give such an effect. Furthermore, in the special means includes various vitamin supplements and energy chromium complex. This allows you as soon as possible to restore the structure of lifeless and damaged hair.

However, do not abuse the frequent use of such funds. After all, they are not designed for daily shampooing. But pamper your hair 1-2 times a week professional shampoo combined with nutritious balm will come in handy.

How brands to choose?

In today's market competition means of hair care products is growing. Therefore, a simple man in the street can be very difficult to find a really good shampoo. However, there are a few brands that are trusted by hairdressers worldwide.

  • American professional shampoo for hair "Matrix". This tool aims to maintain color. After dyed hair needs special care. Lack of parabens in the composition allows the use of shampoo even kerotine. Professionals confirm that rectified in the hair salon can quickly lose its shape by using common household tools.
  • Italian professional hair shampoos "Kapous". This brand appeared relatively recently in Russia, but has already managed to win the trust of consumers. Indeed, a wide range of tools allows you to choose the perfect option for any type of hair. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, you can use a shampoo for daily use. After all, it is equipped with moisturizing oils, which do not desiccate the scalp.
  • Domestic professional shampoo for hair "Estel". Russian funds for the full line of salon and home care is no worse than Western and European counterparts. Furthermore, the shampoo "Estel" a lot cheaper and more profitable for our customers. Carefully designed formula enriched with nutrients, help maintain the hair in excellent condition. A large packaging makes use of the funds is very economical.
Best professional hair shampoo. Professional shampoos: reviews

The best professional shampoo according hairdressers

Choose one or another tool among professional cosmetics need to come from the individual characteristics. Therefore, before buying is better to consult with his master. However, most hairdressers agree that it is possible to find the best professional shampoo among American agents "Matrix". This brand experts distinguish due to the balanced composition and gentle effect on the hair.

In the laboratory, "Matrix" were created by a unique formula that combines natural and chemical components is absolutely safe for the hair shape. When deep cleaning is not injured, their structure, and in combination with the balm of the same company can completely avoid problems such as split ends, hair loss and scalp disorders.

However, the American manufacturer of tools are much more expensive than domestic brands of "Estelle". But a large amount of shampoo bottle allows you to spend quite sparingly.

Best professional hair shampoo. Professional shampoos: reviews

Where to buy professional products for hair care?

Purchase any shampoo-known brands can be in many stores for hairdressers. Only there you can find real certified funds, which are used in beauty salons. The seller always tell the most suitable option according to the type and condition of the hair. However, we must be prepared to spend a much larger sum of money than buying an ordinary shampoo from the supermarket.

The cost of a professional shampoo

Special tools are not released by the small amount of hair care products. Typically, the minimum vial contains 1000 ml of shampoo. But the value in this volume corresponds. For example, to buy a professional shampoo manufacturer "Matrix" can be for 1, 5-2 thousand rubles. While domestic brands "Estelle" will cost about 700-900 rubles.

Best professional hair shampoo. Professional shampoos: reviews

Professional shampoo for hair: reviews of real customers

Online you can find a lot of comments about the special means for hair care. Particularly frequent reviews describing shampoo for colored hair "Professional" from the manufacturer "Matrix". Members noted that the means perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp of dirt after the first application. Therefore, it is often used before the procedure, the acid wash. In addition, regular use of the shampoo helps to cope with hair loss and split ends.

Best professional hair shampoo. Professional shampoos: reviews

However, positive reviews can be found on the domestic brand "Estelle". According to consumers, the action of the Russian professional shampoo is not worse than the American counterpart. In this case, the cost is much lower.

In any case, before buying a professional tool should consult with a specialist. After incorrectly selected shampoo can dry up much hair, and you'll get the opposite effect.