"Titanic" will soon disappear from the bottom

• "Titanic" will soon disappear from the bottom of

In 2019 to the "Titanic" to send an expedition, a ticket which costs about 7 million rubles. But wanting this does not become less. Perhaps these people will be the last to see the famous ship, because he left to live for long.

"Titanic" for many years devour underwater bacteria. According to researchers, the ship will be destroyed somewhere in 10-15 years. This means that those who go to an underwater expedition might be the last people who saw "Titanic." Why the last? The fact that last expedition took place already in 2005 - as you can see, the ship visit is not very often.

The expedition will be commercial, but it provides the scientific element in June 2019 - the modern tools of 3D-modeling analyze the state of the ship and it will create an exact image for posterity. Make it succeeds thanks to improved bathyscaphe "Titan", equipped with sonar and laser scanners to capture space. Poupravlyat chance they will be among the tourists because they are completing the course, in fact, become part of the team.

"Titanic" sank more than a century ago, but still thousands of people around the world dream of seeing it with my own eyes. OceanGate company decided to help them do that and to organize an expedition to the tickets for 105 thousand dollars (nearly 7 million rubles). The liner sank in 1912, during the night of 14 on April 15. At that time he made his first voyage from Southampton to New York, but on the fourth day of the journey struck an iceberg. The victims of the disaster were more than 1,500 people, but their remains were not able to pick up due to the lack of time necessary technology. In addition, it was not known the exact location of the ship's location.

"Titanic" was only discovered in 1985 by American explorer Robert Ballard. Liner resting 600 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada at a depth of 3750 meters. The expedition to the ship was organized a year - Ballard used machines for deep sea diving and first described the condition of "Titanic."

Over the next 25 years 17 expeditions to the bottom has been organized. On the surface of the raised thousands of personal belongings of passengers and huge chunks of the ship's skin.

It is interesting that during the research of "Titanic" has discovered a new and very aggressive bacterium that is well named - Halomonas titanicae. It was she who destroys the liner. This bacterium afford to eat 180 kg of metal constructions in the day, at times speeding up the rate of corrosion. As a result, ships, sunk 500 years ago, much more likely to survive than in "Titanic."

The vessel is covered with "rzhavostitami" - products from the bacteria, oxidizing metal which they consume. Gravity causes acidic fluid to flow and form a kind of stalactites.

The coming expedition will be the largest in the history of the company OceanGate. By the way, do not take away all the owners extra 105 thousand dollars. Candidates must pass the test for compliance with the physical and mental parameters have to go and training. Just to be able to join the expedition of about 100 people.

3D-model of "Titanic", and all data collected will be given to scientists for research. Also part of the material will be available for educational and informational campaigns. In the future, plans to launch OceanGate VR-applications and video games with bathyscaphe control at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in search of "Titanic."

There are those who are strongly opposed to the expedition. It is the pioneer of "Titanic" Robert Ballard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - supposedly expedition violate the architectural integrity of the liner. And against the descendants of the passengers of "Titanic", who are convinced that it is an act of disrespect for the dead.