Mate "lush" stars

On September 15, the channel "Super" has started a new series of "Fitness" about full Woman Asya. The heroine gets a job in a fitness club and gets into the world of circular training and smoothies. Asya does not try to take off from work to find friends and love. We believe that she will succeed, because the real history of stellar donuts proves you can become happy at any weight.


Rebel Wilson

38 years

Popularity came to the Australian actress after starring in the comedy "Bridesmaids". Following out "Bachelorette" franchise and began "Pitch Perfect." After the success of the paintings could be no doubt: the form - a trump card Rebel.


Now she is free, but her past relationship with a stuntman Aden Steem lasted about a year. Before him, Rebel had a relationship with producer Mickey Gooch, but the novel was short-lived and only lasted four months.

Melissa McCarthy

48 years

The actress began her career in the genre of stand-up monologues to copyright, tricks and improvisations. Direct and charming comedienne curvaceous never shy of his appearance, on the contrary, it often becomes an occasion for the stand-up.


In 2005, McCarthy married Felkouna Ben, his old friend and well-known actor. The couple met back in the mid-90s, when she worked together in komiktruppe The Groundlings. The couple has two daughters.


50 years

Monique was the sixteenth African-American woman to be nominated for "Oscar", and the fourth black actress who has received this award. In 2009, the actress launched her night talk show, and then became a leading transmission Mo'Nique's Fat Chance (literally - "Fat chance Mo`Nik"). The show is something of a beauty contest for plus size women.


Now Monique lives in a second marriage. With her first husband Mark Jackson, the actress lived for five years, and in 2006 she married actor Sidney Hicks. The couple has four children: two sons from his first marriage and yet Monique twin sons.

Tess Holliday

33 years

Tess called the most complete model in the world and it is -. The embodiment of self-confidence. Since childhood, classmates teased Tess, predicting her loneliness, if it begins to lose weight. Imagine the strength of character had this girl who not only happily married, but has also become a famous model.


2015 Tess became successful in all respects. She signed a contract with modeling agency MiLK Management, and in the same year Vogue magazine named it the best plus-size model. That same year, she played with the Australian wedding photographer Nick Holliday. The couple has a common son of Bowie and 11-year-old Riley, son of the model from a previous relationship.

Ashley Graham

30 years


Ashley Graham - another well-known plus size model. Since 2010, she is married to cameraman and director Justin Erwin. Young people met in the church .... A year later, they married. Ashley did not hide the fact that they have decided to refrain from sex before marriage: "It has helped us to become close friends."

Kornelia Mango

32 years

In 2009, a graduate of the "Factory of stars 7" began to meet with the MTV VJ Ivan MR. BLAKMANN. The pair almost reached the registrar, but three years later, the relationship of Cornelius and John parted with scandal.


In 2014, the singer met her future husband. With beatboxer Bogdan Dyurdem she met on the project, "I can!", In which the musician taught Cornelius beat boxing. Two years later, the pair painted.

Catherine Skulkina

42 years


One of the brightest stars of "KVN" played the wedding was still a student. Her husband was Denis Vasiliev. In 2008, the couple had a son, Oleg, who lives with his dad in Kazan: the family decided not to move to the capital.

Olga Kartunkova

40 years

By the anniversary actress dropped 84 kilos! But popularity came to Olga weighs ... 151 kilos! It was the captain of KVN team "gorod Pyatigorsk" has become one of the most prominent characters of the project "One day in Russia," starred in comedies.


While Olga builds his career in television, her husband Vitaly - retired officer - involved children. The couple married in his student days, in 1997. In the same year the newlyweds had a son, Alexander, and after - the daughter of Victoria.

Svetlana Permyakova

46 years


In 2012, another star KVN Permjakova Svetlana gave birth to a daughter from his director Maxim Scriabin, who is 20 years younger than the actress. The pair has not been married and divorced soon after the birth of Barbara, but now enjoys warm relations.