Richest "wizards" of modernity

• The richest "wizards" modern


In the gallery Forbes - seven magicians, illusionists and psychics who have earned nearly $ 150 million over the past year

For David Copperfield, it was love at first sight. When he was ten years old, his mother took him to the Macy's department store at Herald Square. Staff illusionist David's eyes made the coin disappear from wooden boards and then reappear on it. One simple trick was enough to convince Copperfield buy this board and, more importantly, profess magic.

After five decades Copperfield -. The wealthiest wizard in the world, with a fortune estimated at $ 875 million He owns eleven private islands in the Bahamas, as well as an extensive collection of magical artifacts. By the way, a wooden board, so impressed him in his childhood, and even takes a corner from Macy's, where he saw it and bought are presented in Copperfield magic museum.


7th place. Derren Brown

Income - $ 8 million

Over the past year British psychic made more than a hundred times, including in the West End and Off-Broadway (scenic site in New York for up to 500 people). Brown can be seen on television in a provocative transfer of Sacrifice, which premiered on Netflix in October.


second place. Michael Carbonaro

Income - $ 8, 5 million.

Star Prank makes the show with a hidden camera "effect Carbonaro" going on truTV channel. However, most of the fees he brings performances in North America theaters and private performances.



fifth place, The Illusionists

Revenue - $ 12 million

Touring magicians showed more than 350 shows around the world. Member of the ensemble Sin Lim recently won the competition "America's Got Talent" for stunts, built on the sleight of hand.


4th place David Blaine

Income - $ 13, 5 million

Actor increased earnings more than doubled due to the high demand for tickets during its North American tour. On this tour Blaine showed their most difficult tricks, such as regurgitation of live frogs, and breathing underwater. Blaine got rich thanks to a six-figure checks for private performances for clients such as Peter Thiel businessman (he asked Blaine to perform at his wedding in Vienna last year) and Salesforce and Intel.


third place. Criss Angel

Revenue - $ 16 million

Star of reality show Mindfreak earned most of his millions on performances in Las Vegas with Cirque du Soleil. It has increased its revenues from the previous year thanks to the tour. Angel signed a ten-year contract with Cirque at the end of October. Show Mindfreak c new tricks will be demonstrated at the Planet Hollywood.


2 nd place. Penn & Teller

Revenue - $ 30 million

The Odd Couple is doing his magic in Las Vegas, five nights a week, but it took some time for the US tour. A popular show Penn and Teller's Fool Us last month has been extended The CW channel in the sixth season.


1 st place. David Copperfield

Revenue - $ 61 million

The richest magician in the world had 670 show at the MGM Grand complex in Las Vegas. Copperfield as "bewitches" their money thanks to Musha Cay - owned by him to the archipelago of eleven of the Bahamas, where the guests to write a check with six zeros, can stay and see illusionist alive.