Regions in which pay extra for stay

We pay taxes and sleep quietly. And there are places where the residents pay for the accommodation. It's a trick, or they simply can afford it? We tell.

Regions in which pay extra for stay

The state of Alaska, USA

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How many: Depends on the state of the annual income and $ 1,000 or more: in 2015, each of the 637 014 residents were paid $ 2072, in 2016 - $ 1022

Reason: The harsh living conditions

For their residents the coldest state in the US is trying to cover the costs of adverse climate generous financial offer. Since 1976 there is the Alaska Permanent Fund, which receives 25% of the profits from state oil speed and half the income is distributed directly among the inhabitants of the region. The first dividend was paid already in 1982. They put all the Americans who have lived in Alaska for at least a year and do not have a criminal record. Add to that the high level of local wages, measured way of life and the tranquil scenery - and you may also decide that worth powder and shot.

The village Ponga, Spain

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How much: € 3,000 each and had moved a couple of € 3,000 for each child born here

Cause: A small number of

Pong table - a small village in the province of Asturias in the north-east of Spain. In addition to the location on the conservation area, it is attractive generous financial offer for those who want to move. What? A good start-up capital. The only requirement is to be performed, - to family remained in Pong for at least five years. At present, the territory of the village lives of all 851 people. Less than 50 inhabitants are under the age of 18 years. To try to reverse the trend, the municipality decided on the financial costs.

The city of Utrecht, Netherlands

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How much: € 960 per month for two years (from May 2017)

The reason: The Social Experiment

Dutch city of Utrecht, Netherlands, capital of the eponymous province, the number of inhabitants is not complaining, ranking fourth in the country after Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. However, its management decided to conduct a kind of social experiment on the effect of an unconditional income for life of citizens: not spilled it or, on the contrary, all of a sudden will be engaged in something useful? The participants were divided into six groups according to various experimental conditions, but every month is paid € 960 for accommodation and in one of the groups offered for an additional € 150 for participating in volunteer programs. Apparently, this plan does not stop, and if successful, the program will be more extensive and will be applied also in other cities.

City of Detroit, USA

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How much: $ 2,500 promising scholar; also has a program of concessional lending for the purchase or rental

Reason: inFamous

City of Detroit, Michigan ranked first in the country as the most destroyed city. In the past - the center of the American automotive industry, now - the secret capital crime. Empty, he began in the 60s. To counteract the outflow of population from 2008 Challenge Detroit program is available here. On the official website states that the initiative is aimed at attracting and retaining talent in the region. Thanks to public funding and private capital has been created a special entrepreneurial ecosystem where business incubators, science parks and venture capital funds interact. A talented young graduates were selected carefully, have all the technical and material possibilities for a year (which lasts much Challenge Detroit) to work within this advanced system, gaining experience and contributing to the development of the region.

The province of Saskatchewan, Canada

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How many: Up to 20,000 Canadian dollars

Reason: Promoting Talent

Canadian authorities have chosen another way to encourage residents of certain provinces. For example, in Saskatchewan undergraduate alumni who live in the area or are just planning to relocate and who have completed the training no later than 2010, propose to compensate for its cost by annual payments during the seven years amounts to 20 000 Canadian dollars. The paid 10% of the amount, and in the next three first four years - by 20%.

City of Niagara, USA

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How much: $ 3492 for two years

Reason: The outflow of population

A similar Canadian program is available for university graduates in the region of Niagara Falls in the US. It would seem to reside in a place everyone wants, but the real strength of the local population, which reached a peak in 1960 (102 000 persons), since halved. In order to attract the younger generation of Americans in the region director of development of the city Seth Pikchirillo community launched Live NF, the initiative for graduates living in the region.

The village of Mishima, Japan

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How much: $ 5,340 lump sum of $ 9,000 and a year

Reason: The need for the development of agriculture

At this point in the region Mishima lives about 400 people, and if you decide to replenish their ranks, we must be willing to work in agriculture or fishing. Also, you should not have more than 55 years at the time of the move. If you meet these requirements, the local authorities are willing to pay you $ 890 for moving the organization to provide a cow or instead of a one-time cash payment of $ 4450. You can also count on a monthly allowance of $ 750 ($ 890 - for a family of two people). If you have a child, in addition you will receive an additional $ 89 per month, and two children - $ 178. Provided in Mishima financial support birth and education of children. It should be noted that the lease will cost you a good home is inexpensive - about $ 207 per month.

The settlement Kaitangata, New Zealand

Regions in which pay extra for stay

How many: House and land market value of $ 160,000

Reason: The labor shortage

Of the 850 residents of the New Zealand Kaitangaty only two are unemployed. The greatest labor shortages experienced dairy farm and the production of frozen semi-finished factory. That is why the government announced the decision to give the new residents of the town house and the land. The cost of a "package" at the market price is $ 160,000, but the property is available for free only to live and work. As said Mayor Brian Cadogan: "We have jobs, there are houses, but no people. We want to revive our city and look forward to everyone with open arms. "