Medium, and predicted breksit Trump victory, made a prediction for 2018

• A medium who predicted victory breksit and Trump made a prediction to 2018

The global economic crisis, another engagement in the royal family and a bold attack on US transport artery of North Korea - that's what awaits us in 2018, according to the well-known British clairvoyant.

Medium, and predicted breksit Trump victory, made a prediction for 2018

Next year will be the year the yellow dog

Craig Hamilton-Parker could see the future, and the future is not rosy for us in the new year.

Predictions medium from Southampton is not always true, but he correctly predicted Breksa Trump and winning elections, so for him it's worth considering.

This time, he posted a video on YouTube, in which he shared his vѝdeniem what we can expect in the coming months.

Among his gloomy predictions of a series of terrorist attacks and the global economic downturn.

Medium, and predicted breksit Trump victory, made a prediction for 2018

According to the man who predicted his victory in the election, Donald Trump will avoid impeachment

He also says that the UK will cover the mass strikes, and one of US warships to sink in 2018.

But not all predictions are gloomy. Clairvoyant, who correctly predicted that Hillary Clinton will leave the policy in 2017, as predicted, that the power of Kim Jong-un in North Korea will weaken.

In fact, Craig believes that the fat-tyrant is overthrown by his own people after the US military strike on the main trade route in North Korea.

He also alleges that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement the following year, and predicts that Theresa May will cling to his post as prime minister. Meanwhile, according to Craig, the EU will face serious difficulties, while Donald Trump will be able to avoid impeachment in the next year.

Also forecaster made several predictions regarding the environment. For example, it predicts that the volcano near Naples wake up, this prediction may refer to Vesuvius - a huge volcano, destroy Pompeii in 79 AD.

Medium, and predicted breksit Trump victory, made a prediction for 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Another prediction of natural disasters - from the Antarctic ice shelf break away, apparently, a huge fragment.

In general, everything does not look too rosy, but do not despair.

In his blog, Craig wrote: "2018 will be a year of political upheaval and environmental disasters. Many of my predictions is dismal, but I feel that at the same time it will be possible to observe the spiritual growth of the people of the world that will be a clear prerequisite that we are entering a golden age (the period of the welfare of mankind, the highest achievements in culture, art, science, and so on. d.).

Conflicts and hardships along with the increasing number of environmental disasters will unite the good people around the world who are eager to find out what is the true purpose of man on earth. "