"Fire" in the minds and in the "backyard", or why all this hate people gay?

Today, there are a lot of people who just crave to speak on the subject of homosexuality in a negative way. Why is this happening? Yes, because they have this legal right, absolutely, as well as those who are members of sexual minorities. "Fires in the backyard" happen, like "right" and at the "wrong", and as Malyshev said, "This is the norm!".

But what motivates those who are deliberately campaigning for homophobia, and throw mud at people gay? Simple answer can not be, because to get into the head of some "clever" unrealistic. That is why today we will only assume from what seat some people just ignited indignation toward the seat carrier, blazing already on another occasion?

"My homeland USSR"

The man who was born during the Soviet era, is very different from a person who was born after the collapse of the Union. Thinking, behavior, principles - all this is completely different. Therefore, what was built in the Soviet Union, and this total collectivism, which was sent to the company, not per person, in the twenty-first century is not quite the place to be. In the Soviet Union there was no such thing as a "Me", was the concept of "all". Everything was done for the good of society and of man as a person simply forgot. Since that time, those who were born in the Soviet Union, have clearly established opinion that homosexuality - it's bad. After that, in fact, was a man at that time?

Job, wife / husband, children, and so the circle every day, and then got out "unknown critter" that does not have children and loves a person, regardless of their sex. It is wrong, oh how wrong. And what do we do now? Of course, we must zealously as possible to show their displeasure, expressing it in the same insults, protests, and so on. Something that does not fit into the framework of understanding of Soviet man, simply can not be understood. It is very sad that many people forget that even in the Soviet Union were homosexuals, and the famous phrase "sex in the USSR was not" highly exaggerated. Man thinks in stereotypes of the time, and this, unfortunately, is very unfortunate.

"I'm afraid for my child!"

Yes, you need to be afraid, but should be within reasonable limits for their children. Nobody ever impose his point of view the child, if he has an adequate parent. It is the parents are required to teach their children, and what is happening in this world, and about homosexuality as well. Very strange to observe how children inciting against someone. What's the point? If the child himself realizes that he likes and what not, the threat here will get you nowhere. The same child will grow up and will reproach the parents for what he did as a child. And remember, this is NOT good.

Parents very much afraid that if their child behold gay or lesbian, it will immediately become such. Well you are now seriously? How can I take to become so? Nauskivaya and twirling her child against someone, you eventually will achieve the opposite effect. Did you never hear about teenage rebellion, when a child deliberately seek to break all imaginable and not imaginable taboos, especially those of which it incessantly since childhood tell parents. You need it? Could not we just talk with their children? Believe me, God forbid that the child still had an opinion, but otherwise ... very sorry for these children, alas, but the parents are to blame .... Do not forget about elementary tact toward others. If you do not consider someone a man, then there must be someone who is for you "look after a warm place in a bioreactor."

"Propaganda, propaganda and propaganda again!"

What could be "sweeter" for the word "propaganda" for some individuals? To date, all the polls shout about the promotion of homosexuality, smoking, sex without a condom and so on. But what do you mean by the word "propaganda"? People who are struggling for their rights, right? Wait, so what's wrong with that? Everyone has it its legitimate right. There is no "right" or "wrong", there are those who consider themselves above all, that's all. Although in fact, even these people have no idea how they are wrong. Remember, they slop that you pour on someone, you will still come back. So be careful in his statements, because we is not a free country.