"First, I will kill you, and then turned into a pie!" Or some very horrific gems that have been issued, "the flowers of life." Part 2

Children in our lives play a huge role, and the famous phrase about the glass that they will bring their parents, always true. For some, having a baby in the family - the good, for others - the curse (and let's just are not going to throw slippers and say that this is very bad, and so on). Everyone is free to choose how to live.

The children, of course, interesting creatures, but sometimes they give is that on your head is not natyanesh, and in fact did not know whether to laugh here, as far as possible to escape or cry. So, in the last part of the social network Reddit users decided to share stories about how they had a chance to hear from the children of such gems that they are unlikely to forget once. In today's article we'll tell you more such stories.

"You can not speak. I did you dead "

"My niece and I play with my son in my mom's house. We had something like sword fighting, which so kindly been provided by my mother. At some point, the niece beginning to literally thrash me for what lies below the belt. I asked her to stop, but did not show that it hurts me (though it hurt like hell, because it is at least five times hit me on the "bells"!). She stopped, and then, poised his sword and said: "You can not speak. I did you dead "" - icanhaznph.

"I know where you sleep. I love you "

"When I came to the house of my ex-girlfriend, her daughter constantly ran next to the children's sabelki and softly whispered:" I know where you sleep. I love you". Strange child, by the way, like her mother. It is good that we broke up "- SaddestClown.

"They. They're watching. They will soon be here "

"I have specially created an account here to write about the case. One day I and my ex-girlfriend stayed with my parents. When my younger brother (about ten years at the time) came into the room where we were sitting, then it could be seen that it is something concerned. In our living room was very large window, and he went to one of them, without actually noticing us. Brother stood in front of the window and stared somewhere. Exchanged a surprised look with his ex-girlfriend, I decided to ask him: "Dude, are you okay? What are you looking at?". Not turning around, he said: "They. They're watching. They will be here soon. " I was stunned. I still do not know what it was. If he was joking, it was a very bad joke "- furbaschwab.

"For a minute I thought you Cyclops"

"One day a child came up to me in church, staring intently at me and whispered in my ear:" For a minute I thought you Cyclops "- TulsaBrawler.

"He always said that I belong to him,"

"My girl has a younger brother, who at that time was about three or four years. Once we nursed him and playing with toy cars on the floor. At first, everything was normal, but his mood at some point has changed dramatically, and he began to look somehow too worried, the child began to constantly look around. We decided to play on, but he stood up and headed toward the garage. Of course, we went for it. The child stared at one of the walls and began to cry. My girl immediately began to calm him down and ask about what had happened to the baby through her tears, she said: "He is always repeating that I belong to him." I'm still worried, remembering the story "- spacedelivered.

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

"" Do you think I'm sexy? "- asked me second-form girl, when I was repairing a computer in the home of her parents. What's wrong with these kids? I decided to just keep quiet, because who knows these kids will say then that I molested her, and then I soap in jail a couple of years to drop "-sbhunterpcpart.

"It is"

"When I was nursing her second child, I was approached by my eldest son and said:" He's coming. " I decided to ask who exactly is, what he did not say anything, but simply pointed at the front door "- a_floppy_koala.

"He says he can come down from the clouds whenever he wants, just most of the time he needed to hide from adults"

"At my wife's niece had an imaginary friend when she was about two or three years. In fact, it is quite common among children her age, if not one "but." Her imaginary friend has the same name as her grandfather, who died 15 years ago, and she seemed to know a bunch of stories from his childhood his father and aunt (ie my wife), of which it no one ever told me. In the end, she said that her "friend" died because he was shot, and it is from "stray bullet" is actually the father of my wife died. When I decided to ask the girl about her imaginary friend for more, she said happily, this is an old man who lives in the clouds and can go down, when he pleases, as long as it had not noticed adults "-Undercover_Chimp.