"And in porn also cry" or more cast films for adults who have been under arrest

Between various photos in the buff and filming labeled "18+" and at times "21+", an internet porn star of the world is slowly but surely becoming well known. Given that some of these stars that's an annual income falls short of the $ 14 million, the adult entertainment industry is becoming far less and unprofitable.

According to analysts, the porn business brings in more money than, for example, Yahoo, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Tempting, is not it? But, what can you do? Some work head, some "bells" and "wells". Who on that much. But even in this very exciting industry has its "distinguished". So heed to present to your list of porn actresses and actors who, for one reason or another, thundered behind bars.

Tory Lane

Tory Lane - the actress who starred in numerous adult films (it is worth noting that she even signed several contracts with a couple of pretty well-known production companies). At the age of twenty, Tori decided that enough was enough with her studies, and went to make movies with the "18+" rating. The successes of the girls were on the face, if you can, so to speak. She won the award "AVN Best POV Sex Scene" in 2009, but her career as a porn actress was not always strewn with rose petals. In January 2015, Lane was invited to the "sedentary tour" that took place or anywhere else but on the plane. During the flight, the girl apparently or something census or perenyuhala, and she went into a fit of rage and unrestrained hysteria. She literally attacked the crew members. Among other things, she was attacked and the police, who met her crawling off the plane. In short, the "sedentary tour" was a success.

Asia Carrera

"Asia Carrera" - is one of the most popular names in the film industry for adults. She is an actress, writer and director, as well as a multi-faceted person who works outside the adult industry. There is no wonder why it is so popular. Just imagine, this hardworking woman appeared in more than 250 films rated "18+" and "21+". It's just a tremendous amount of effort, energy and artistry! Not a woman, but a dream! Nevertheless, in 2015 and it became Asia is not a very good year. A woman was arrested for driving under the influence after she took her little daughter to school.

The interesting thing is that straight in the car nobody delayed. In fact, everything was much more sad. The woman brought her daughter to school, held to the door, he came in, found some free shop and fell right to sleep there. Police found her there. From Carrera smelled stale, her clothes are obviously not erased a few weeks, and, in principle, the woman did not look in the best way. When the police have been able to wake up "mnogostanochnitsu", she sincerely repented and admitted his guilt in full. As soon as the police brought her up from school, she decided to escape. There are no words, Asia.

Dakota Skye

Sometimes the impression that the people in Florida en masse just goes roof. Throw in alligators, hurricanes, problems with drugs and alcohol, and you get your own little Australian branch of the United States. Dakota Skye was arrested in Clearwater, Florida, for a beating during sexual merrymaking, she struck her boyfriend in 2017. On that day, she usually came home from work. Her boyfriend asked her to have sex, and Dakota (real name Lauren Kaye Scott) did not refuse her lover.

When it was the peak moment of pleasure, she asked her boyfriend to it, well, you know, I do it right with her, but the young man refused the girl. It is for failure to comply with his request Sky, properly swung, slapped him in the face, breaking with the lip.

Cameron Diggs

Many of us are quite familiar with the works of female porn actress, but the men remain, so to speak, "behind the scenes". But this does not mean that among adult film stars are no men. Timothy Harper, known under the alias "Cameron Diggs", and it is likely that it will be the crowning of this article. First of all, it is worth noting that the guy is mostly filmed in gay porn with black guys. In addition, he is actively preaches Nazism and neo-Nazi decorate their bodies with tattoos, which in itself is strange and rather contradictory.

In 2017, Timothy Harper was arrested for possession and distribution of drugs, in particular methamphetamine. At the time of his arrest he had seized 1, 6 kg of the drug. Taking into account a bunch of tattoos "Aryan Brotherhood" and all other symbols of the prison, surprising that the guy tied to the sale of methamphetamine, as something not necessary. But what is really surprising is the fact that there was a person in the world that has managed to maintain such a double life: the actor gay porn day and skinhead drug dealer at night.