How many periods of hockey and their clusive

Canada is usually called the birthplace of hockey. From time immemorial we have reached the date of the first hockey match - March 3, 1875 in Montreal. As soon began to carry out the official game was a difference, but in periods of hockey and what is their duration. The washer and the first 7 of the rules of hockey appeared only in 1877. Games lasted for a long time, and, since the replacement is allowed only for the injured party, and one of the game by the end of the match the players barely crawled from fatigue.

How many periods of hockey and their clusive

Gradually, the number of players was reduced from 50 to 6, the grid appeared at the gate, gave way to outfit the players, there were cups and matches professional and amateur athletes were allowed to change during the game, and the rules concerning the duration of the period did not change. Only in 1911 in the principal regulations prescribed, but in periods of hockey and what they durations.

The game is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and in the XX century, has spread across the Northern Hemisphere.

How many periods of hockey and their clusive

Over time, there were two schools of hockey - European and Canadian. Since 1920, the hockey is included in the program of the Olympic Winter Games.

How many hockey periods

For a long time the rules of hockey fights has not been the same for all countries and parts of the world. In America and Europe, he differed markedly. They were long debates about what should be the period of hockey, how many minutes it will last, and what is the duration of the whole game. If the game was allowed tied up, it was easier. Then the match lasted three periods of 20 minutes and 15 interruptions in between. Game time was considered the referee with a stopwatch, excluding stops in the game - in the case of removal, the face-off and other breaks.

The game is to win the

For larger tournament competition is distribution of playing time was not enough relevant, since they involved a large number of teams and a draw matches were stretched to infinity. Teams are not as active play, lose the sharpness and dynamics of hockey. Therefore, worldwide fans and organizers of the competition, it was important not how much lasts a period of hockey, and it to a draw was not, and the match was always a winner. Matches were held to identify the favorite. For the same length of period, a draw result, after 3 dvadtsatiminutok, a tie began to introduce additional overtime. After much discussion, as is the period in hockey, it was decided to install it in the duration of 10 minutes to play before the first of goals.

How many periods of hockey and their clusive

For acute games added another rule: on the field five players are in overtime, and four in order to increase agility and tactical substitution constructs.

According to the regulations of the KHL, if for all the time, how much lasts a period of hockey was not scored the winning goal, the team after overtime trying to snatch victory in penalty kicks - shootouts. First, each team in turn makes a series of three shots, and more - to a successful throw the puck into the goal. In this case, only the finish washers depends on the time the match is over, it is much shorter than the long and exhausting periods in the past. Bullets look spectacular, but considering how much hockey periods, teams are trying to resolve the issue of victory during the game, so as not to impose an additional burden on the tired game of goalkeepers.

playoffs Tournaments

In the final stages of the Continental Hockey League matches are particularly sharp and expressive. The losing team "takes off" from subsequent games in the series. But in the playoffs it does not know how many periods in hockey, because in this part of the tournament there is a shootout, and the outcome of the game decided the appointment of additional periods to win one of the teams.

If one overtime, the winner is not determined, after a short break begins another short period, and so on.

How many periods of hockey and their clusive

The value of each puck during the game has a great value. But it has the opposite effect - the players are afraid to make a mistake and give the opponent a goal, the game takes place in the defense and inactive. Because playoff games pretty exhausting for both the audience and for the players.

CHL Record

In the history of the Continental Hockey League in March 2014, in the quarter-finals, play-off game lasted 127 minutes. The match ended in a 7 period with the score 3: 4. Therefore, even today to answer the question, how many periods in hockey, definitely not work. It is possible that this record will ever be surpassed.