Holders of the "Golden Ball" - the historical value

What is the dream of every aspiring football player who has just embarked on the first stage of his long, filled with difficulties in the form of injuries and misunderstandings career coaches? Of course, this is a game in European football grande, big salary, with which he will be able to provide for themselves and their loved ones, in no way denying and most prestigious individual award, which will forever enter a football player in history under "Holders" Golden Ball "FIFA ".

Kudos as the key to success

A reward in itself even from the distant '60s is in the nature of one of the most prestigious, and even the most prestigious award that a footballer can get. The French edition of France Football soccer each year selects the best player by conducting surveys among the correspondents, as well as the coaches and captains of national teams around the world. Objectivity due to the fact that the voice is the large number of people observed impeccably. Probably, this is the prize, the dream of everything, without exception, because it is estimated as the highest achievement, which the athlete can achieve in an individual discipline.

Holders of the

Owners of "Golden Ball" - champions

In the nearly 60-year history of the awards have been calculated, some records that managed to conquer only a few players. Until the era of "Messi-Ronaldo 'record for most awards won were considered winners of the" Golden Ball "Michel Platini of France and Franz Bekkenbaur from Germany. Three high-ranking awards in their collection. In the modern history of this award on the horizon appeared two athletes who afford to challenge these giants of football. Messi and Ronaldo rightly called one of the best players of all time, and not in vain. Lionel 4 consecutive years and again enlisted in the "Owners" Golden Ball "- a list that has been ongoing for many years now it is an absolute record in this record..

Holders of the

Football players - winners of the "Golden Ball" in the CIS

We can not say that the Soviet Union and the CIS countries were very rich in talented players who really deserves the award "Golden Ball", but of the history of the prize was already 4. Most interesting is that 3 of them were pupils of the Ukrainian club "Dynamo" (Kiev). Lev Yashin is the only goalkeeper in nearly 60 years of existence of the award, which honored her, and is likely to remain as such for a long time. Oleg Blokhin has received the award in 1975, which is not surprising, because this year was memorable triumph of Kiev "Dynamo" in the European arena, and his winning ball Bayern Munich remembered and twist in repeats to this day, because rarely happens that one striker put the world a better defense in the "5-th point."

Holders of the

11 years later, in 1986, Igor Belanov received this award, though not very confidently look at the club level. But on the level of teams he spent a wonderful season in the Soviet Union national team, for which he and awarded this honor. The last domestic football player, who was honored by this prestigious award, was none other than Andrei Shevchenko. Ukrainians before stints in the top three, but the award he won only after the transfer to the Italian Milan, where the star Shevchenko shone brightest.

Holders of the


Players who failed to receive an award

Of course, professional football players, which was never destined to receive such an award, there was a huge number, but it is necessary to focus on those who really deserve it. As one of the most striking examples - David Beckham. The Englishman is very confident and cool spent his entire career and is remembered as an excellent presentation of the "Manchester United", and for "Real Madrid". He, of course, got the nomination, but he never managed to win due to the strong competition. With the same problem faced and more young players of today. Xavi, Iniesta, Casillas, Ribery, Robben and could not write his name in the list called "Holders" Golden Ball ". The list is fairly long, but in the last 6 years, just no one can compete with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But their era is likely to end soon.

As a result of the above

In conclusion, it would be necessary to note once again that this award - the same goal, which is gradually trying to move all the players, although some not to even come close to it. On the other hand, it's better just to dream than to be disappointed, as the same David Beckham or Manuel Neuer. Just looking at winners and nominees for this prestigious award, we can find out who was at the center of the football world in a particular era. That is the reward "Golden Ball" reflects the main stages of the development of football and football in general. Holders of the "Golden Ball" - always the best players that can only be represented by the era in which they were awarded. That is why it is so prestigious to be a winner in the nomination "Footballer of the Year" by the French magazine France Football.