"You're fired!". Internet users share funny stories about the antics of his subordinates, after which they had to immediately specify the unlucky Rabotnicki at the door

"You're fired!" - this is probably the last sentence, which would like to hear everyone, without exception, a grown man in your life. Be it competition may develop that variations on the theme, "Honey, you've got?" "Do you remember what you owe me money?" And "Why exceed? Show me dokumentiki on the car. "

In any case, the ruthless "You're fired" - it's always a great excuse to skip a beer with friends, lamenting about what your former chief still cad, a reptile and generally not a good person. But what if before firing a poor employee, toss something that already want to drink that same bastard boor and the letter "n"?

So, dear friends, today we decided to cheer you up and prepared for you some funny stories from users of social networks, which tell about the antics of his subordinates, after which they had to immediately recall the unfortunate Rabotnicki, which is output.

The little revenge

"I noticed that he had two hours chatting on the phone in the smoking room at the height of the working day and politely asked him to get down to business. After that he went to the parking lot and cut the tires of my car. Surveillance cameras filmed everything. "


"Worked before managers" Jamba Juice ". One of the workers about something argue with the client and right in front of me put his hand in my pants, scratched, and then jabbed it under his nose and said, "Smell!". Needless to say, he took off from work at the same moment? ".

"To a man with a gun made contact on you!"

"I was urgently summoned, because one of the technical support staff made a great scandal in the workplace. When I asked him: "Why are you screaming," he drew from his pocket a barrel, sent to me and gave a bearded phrase that a man with a gun in his hand made contact on you. He called the first guard, then the police, and then fired a psycho to hell. "

Saturated break

"Here you have a case that I remember. We have worked for a lady who got drunk at lunchtime, I sat behind the wheel, ran into straight to the police patrol hit a policeman, for which he went to jail, where she was photographed directly in the original shirt with the company logo. Better and could not be, taking into account that our company slogan was "Sports - yes, alcohol - no!". Just perfect. "

"Bon appetit!"

"He worked previously in the personnel department at the cheese factory. One asshole thought of fell out of his pants his dignity, to hoist him straight to the range of cheese, take a picture on your phone and sent to all colleagues. Ultimately, the photo came to me and I immediately fired this idiot. "

Who Says # yazhmat can not be a pervert?

"to dismiss the employee after she almost brought to hysterics our pregnant colleague. At first it four times stroked her belly, saying: "Oh, what's going on here puzozhitel! Oh, Lialechka soon be born! ", Although she clearly asked her not to do so, and then followed her to the bathroom and said conspiratorially, as her husband is good in bed."

"I slowly take off the bandage with you ..."

"The recently fired with a bang ambulance driver. The guys from the team complained that the idiot, not a bit embarrassed, having sex on the phone with his wife and treated her intimate photos while paramedics tried to make a man after a serious accident is still held on to the hospital. Fortunately, the patient survived, did not submit a claim to us, and I did everything to make this bastard had never made a great job. "

"Nervishki naughty"

"We have worked for an accountant who notably screwed up and, accordingly, was called up to me on the carpet. The guy started to become hysterical, angry and in the end with such force banged his fist on my desk that broke his arm. First brought him to the ambulance, and then fired to the house sat, rested treated her nerves. "

"I was so excited when I recently thought of you ..."

"We have worked for one guy, not a maniac, completely harmless, but the joke had been stupid. Him, kind of like, I like a girl from his department, and he decided to play trick on her, Put it on the table a few crumpled paper napkins and a note with the text "I was so excited when I recently thought of you ...". She did not appreciate the humor and wrote a complaint for sexual harassment. I had to fire him the next day. "

"The clinic abortions Tony"

"I did not really a believer, but my immediate supervisor just turned to God, the Bible, and so on. D. So, we worked as a courier one boy, whom the devil pulled straight while our religious to the core chief to answer personal a phone call with the phrase: "The clinic abortions Tony listens! What would you have done there is not, we are all scraped! ". I did not want to dismiss it, though, but the boss said that either he or I am. "

Sexual harassment

"I had to dismiss an elderly lady who works for us, after just five young men - cleaner, two guards, courier and driver - almost simultaneously complained to her for sexual harassment. They argued that it Lapan them for ass and told me how to have sex with his dog. I do not believe them until I went to talk to her, and she put her hand in my back pocket. "