Eminem's revelation of the victory over addiction

• Revelation Eminem victory over addiction

Eminem's revelation of the victory over addiction

The legendary rapper and former chief musical terrorist of America is no stranger to receiving awards - he did not once take "Grammy" award ridiculing itself in their music videos, and six times produced the best-selling records of the year.

But his latest achievement is perhaps the most important in all this time - Eminem said that for 10 years does not touch drugs.

Musician managed to overcome the heavy dependence of the whole cocktail of different drugs - including the Valium and Vicodin, which he sat for almost 6 years, since 2002.

In 2005, Eminem was trying to undergo treatment in a rehabilitation center, but after the death of his best friend was depressed and addicted to drugs again. Only after the end of 2007, he barely survived almost fatal overdose of methadone, the rapper found the strength to get off the habit.

Good news that since the last use of the past 10 years he has shared with fans on his Twitter account, laying out a picture with a medallion:

Celebrated my 10 years yesterday. pic.twitter.com/Xmm9MOIEam - Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) April 22, 2018

"I celebrate the last 10 years."

Eminem's revelation of the victory over addiction

Eminem performing at the festival "Coachella 2018"

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Eminem told that in order to defeat the addiction, it jogging, as well as talk to other people who have had a similar experience - he even became a close contact with Elton John.

"To begin with, I turned to the good expert of the center. He helped me a lot, I still keep in touch with him.

And I started running like a maniac. 30 kilometers a day, every day. Just changed one addiction for another. There were days when I could barely stand on his feet. I just had a task in mind - to burn some calories, and I could not help myself. I probably had obsessive-compulsive disorder. Not that I went and clicked everywhere switches or something like that, but if I do then sinks in the head, then I have to go through with it. "


Eminem's revelation of the victory over addiction

Elton John and Eminem on stage during a joint appearance at the "Grammy" in 2001