Men's earring: where tradition has gone, which means how to choose

Such an individual accessory as men's earrings - a great addition to a flawless image of a man, especially if this detail image is made of silver and decorated with diamonds. Earrings - the attribute of the strong and confident men. To suit your style you must select the individual option. There are many opinions about how there were men earrings. Photos show a refinement of this accessory.

Men's earring: where tradition has gone, which means how to choose

earrings men - what does it mean?

Now the fashion is more free than in earlier times. Earrings - jewelery mostly female, but often they can be found in the man's ears. If the beautiful half of humanity looks great with such accessories in each ear, then the representative of the stronger sex are oblique glance. Public opinion has been formed so that the jewelry and the jewelry - the lot of women and men, these ornaments are simply not needed.

Such conservative opinion has been formed on that earring was once a sign of the "wrong" men orientation. Now everything has changed. Man with pierced ears - often a normal person, but the country remained the same opinion. Despite this, men's earring - a modern fashion trend that comes from ancient times.

Men's earring: where tradition has gone, which means how to choose

which means an earring in his ear men in the countries of the ancient world

Decorate their ears with earrings men invented it for yourself. This trend has become fashionable to 7000 years ago, and first appeared in ancient Asia. In Egypt, an earring in men has long been a sign of his high status and wealth. And in Rome - the symbol of slavery. Centurions Caesar wore nipple rings - it shows their bravery. When in the 13th century gave the church ban on changes in the body (including punctures), Steel Earrings accessory thieves. According to the pirates, earring can regain visual acuity. Their theory is confirmed by modern doctors. We just need to know what exactly the point of puncture.

earring in the Cossack

This ornament is worn and the Cossacks. They have their own meaning of the rite. When a person has both ears pierced, it is - the last man in the family, which is the successor of the family and breadwinner. Yesaulov taken to protect such rights. In the battle to be treated with care and protected.

in the Roma earrings

In each Roma family has a tradition of ear pierce the boy if the first-born was also male and died. They do it to protect the child from the spirits.

Earring among the peoples of Africa,

This is due to the ritual of initiation into manhood. Men's earrings in the ear made history as the initiation rite. The tribes pierced and other body parts. It is believed that a full hunter and warrior - one who honorably endured during these painful trials. After the men's earring was the protection from evil spirits and a sign of high status. Tribal leader always has the largest and heaviest accessory.

As we have seen, men's earring - not a sign of the wrong orientation, but rather a symbol of courage. This is evidenced by the history of different countries.

earrings are now available

Ideally earring should be made of the precious metal and decorated with diamonds. If such a gift can not afford, you can always find jewelery within the desired amount. In each store, which specializes in selling jewelry, you can choose a more conciliatory approach. Buy men's earrings are now easy.

Men's earring: where tradition has gone, which means how to choose

Variations male earrings

Traditional stud earrings are not only those with covers and rockers. Increasingly, this accessory can be found in men at parties and get-togethers. The event put on a secular level, stud earrings of gold and silver. They are always original and refined.

In addition to stud and nails, you can find men's earrings in the ear in the form of rings. This is a classical decoration. Earrings, crosses - choices of young representatives of the stronger sex.

How do I choose the

In specialty stores have a good selection of earrings in the ear of men. Only how to choose one that will look perfect and fit in style? To do this, based on the following parameters:

  • face shape and ears. Representatives with a round face small cloves will fit. Those who take the angular features of view, it is better to pay attention to the ring-shaped earrings.
  • The material and color. Earring must necessarily be combined with the rest of the look. It is not necessary that it be made of gold. You can buy jewelry, which will look at the appropriate level. The trend shades steel and silver. If a man is a businessman, he should abandon the substitutes jewels and pay attention to the more expensive models, which will emphasize its status.
  • attire and profession. Becoming popular men's earrings in the ear in the form of symbols. For example, an athlete can choose jewelry that is in tune with his profession. Fans of the outrageous styles fit earrings in the form of skulls and crosses.
Men's earring: where tradition has gone, which means how to choose

Now the men of the earring is a stylish decoration, designed for the most daring. Representatives of the older generation consider it a whim of fashion. But from the above should draw the appropriate conclusions in favor decorations. The most common type - stud earrings for men - will be combined with any look.