How to make a hair band with your hands? Photo ideas

In this spring-summer season is very fashionable and stylish as the girl hairstyle complements the hair band. This ornament makes the image more feminine and romantic. It is not a simple plastic or metal objects - this is the last century. A chip of the season - an exclusive piece of jewelry that you can create yourself.

Besides the beauty, the rim is also of practical importance. With it, the hair does not fall on your face, styling looks much neater, even in windy conditions. In addition, the hair band is simply irreplaceable, when you want to time to get rid of the annoying bangs, while decorating her hair.

How to make a hair band with your hands? Photo ideas

What to wear

Hair band just gorgeous looks combined with an evening dress or a light summer sarafan.

Looks no less beautiful image, made up of playful skirts, trapeze, easy bluzochki stylish, unobtrusive hairstyles supplemented beautiful, suitable in color and style of the rim.

In addition, the hair band goes well with jeans or shorts of wide cut.

Fashion models

This season is very popular bright saturated colors. Headbands Hair, photos of which can be seen in many popular magazines, decorate hairstyle models perfectly complementing their images.

Hair jewelry, you can choose a suitable color to her purse, shoes, if the clothing is chosen in a range of colors, it can be any color other than the primary color wardrobe.

For example, you can choose a solid-color dress white hair band navy blue, which is very stylish. Or to add contrast and white image black bezel. Very romantic and summery look hair band with flowers. Such decoration is best to add to the dress or sarafan.

Do yourself

Create jewelry with their own hands is a snap. Headbands hair, his hands started, inexpensive, their production does not take much time. But it will be a great decoration, created by you. In general, making things with your hands allows to show their creativity, saves money and time to find the right jewelry in a store, make it feel a talented designer.

How to make a hair band with your hands? Photo ideas

What is needed

Create headbands hair with your hands - it is simple and does not require any costly. Most of the components for this decoration can be found at home, well-link them. Need a bezel as a basis, some fabric, jewelry, quick-drying glue, scissors, a desire and a little inspiration.

to create a basis

How to make a hair band with your hands? Photo ideas

So, the basics need bezel itself. normal rim already available can be used for these purposes or, if that is not, you can do it yourself. You will need a piece of sufficiently broad and flexible wire. It can ask the husband, father, brother, friend, or buy in a store where everything is sold for needlework. Cut the wire the desired length, it is necessary to make the ends round. To do this again need to seek the assistance of the male population. Further, based on giving the correct form, you need to sew for her cheholchik. Make it a snap. Or you can just paint the base with a special spray paint. For this purpose, it can be used as classic black or white, and color. It all depends on your imagination.

Do decoration

Once our foundation is ready, it's time to move on to creating jewelry. You will need a small piece of the conventional mesh, a piece of beautiful fabric. As a basis we can take the basic black and white colors, which are always in trend. For example, you can use a black velvet cloth and a white mesh, or vice versa.

From these two fabrics alternately collapsible bows, fixing them in this position by means of an adhesive. You can put them in the form of flowers or butterfly wings. When folding the bottom of the decorations need to make a ring through which will be worn decoration on the rim itself.

It does best when a portion of the material are not on top of each other, and slightly rotated so that each of their component could be seen well.

If you allow the imagination and possibilities can be as a decoration to make a small hat, fastening it to the rim. Such decoration is no less flirty and stylish than the flower.

How to make a hair band with your hands? Photo ideas

Another hit of the season is a nautical theme. Therefore, as an ornament, you can make a cup of tea or an anchor.

Gull may be formed of the same black-and-white materials. Create the shape is very simple. So that it looked more impressive, you can make it more volume, it is easy to implement with the help of a piece of mesh.

The anchor may be asked to make out of the same piece of wire someone from home men. After which it yourself it can be simply painted in black or gold color.

Optionally, you can supplement the decoration of multiple small crystals, sequins or put one in his very center. After the ornaments themselves dry, you need to put them on the rim.

Decoration is fastened by means of a ring, and not just on the glue to the rim, because in this position it can be moved to either side, as you like best. It can be placed near his ear, as is done with Hawaiian flowers or lift higher.

Rim with decoration in the form of hats can be worn with a very relevant in this season, overalls, blouses without unnecessary ornaments and flirty skirt-trapezium.

The decoration in the shape of a butterfly or a bright flower will look great with a summer dress or sarafan.

More classical decoration in the form of black and white bow can be put to more severe trouser suit or a dress.

How to make a hair band with your hands? Photo ideas

It should be noted that it is possible to complement the image of the beautiful, appropriate style bracelets and neat, nevydelyayuschimisya earrings. If we add to that the rim is also bulky and bright earrings, get a very overloaded, all the efforts to create the perfect exclusive decorations will be in vain.

To your efforts were appreciated, the top of the wardrobe should be only one thing that attracts attention to himself.

It is also a good addition to the rim will combine with it a thin strap around the waist.