Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

Dress with collar - an attribute not only to the business style and aesthetics of the office, but also very fashionable outfit that can be worn in everyday life. This is because modern ladies are accustomed to living in a non-stop, and after a busy working day with ease mode can go on a fun party. Time dressing up in this case does not remain. Fortunately, designers have taken into account this need and created a dress with a collar that can be transformed from day to evening dress with the help of a few accessories without a problem. About what are the styles of dresses with sleeves and collar, how to choose the right, as well as with some shoes and jewelry to wear them, discussed below.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

Knitted dress with a collar and cuffs

So, the most fashionable today a variant of the dress - a model, made of jersey. Dense, form-fitting shape fabric makes a stylish outfit and sexy and sleek design and strict silhouette emphasize the elegance and restraint of the image. its length can be very diverse: above or below the knee, ankle or maxi. But the most fashionable today - up to mid-calf. The same applies to the length of the sleeves three quarters, up to the middle of the wrist or arm - a lot of options, and the choice depends on your own preferences and tastes.

Fashion colors

Such dress with a collar and perfectly suitable for the office, if their length does not exceed the point at the knee. And, of course, is better this outfit looks in solid colors saturated colors: blue, bright red, black or white, green and others.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

The cuffs and collar in such a case should be contrasting colors: white dress looks best with a collar of black or color shade, black dress - with a collar of white tones. Then knitted dress also fits perfectly into the context of a business event. But if all of a sudden after the triumph of the work planned and the time change does not remain at all, there are a few tricks that will help to turn the office into a cocktail dress.

From business to cocktail

First, the cuff can be decorated with stylish cufflinks and collar - brooches, which are attached only at its corners. Acquire such a mass can be in any store jewelery. Secondly, a large brooch, ideal for decorating the chest. Depending on the style dresses on the neck under the collar can tie a scarf flirty gas or throw on the shoulders of a bright tippet. Shoes and handbag also help to modify the image. Let to go out, they will be more colorful and extravagant. Finish image of evening hairstyle and makeup. Tip for the most courageous persons: black dress with a white collar, a narrow-rimmed glasses, red lipstick and red nail polish will fit both in business and in the club atmosphere. The main thing is not to overdo it with emphasis, that the image has not turned out too vulgar.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

In both cases, both for daytime and for evening image, knitted dress with collar and cuffs will complement not loose and collected the top hair, which does not hide the main piece dress - collar and cuffs.

Removable collars and cuffs

Collars and cuffs are also removable, and it is very convenient. However, not all boards are equipped with this function. Knitted dresses that look as if a thin chiffon or cotton shirt draped over the top of a soft jersey, most likely, will be tightly sewn collars. But the dress-cut cases of the office, most likely, it will be possible to supplement their own accessories.

Collars for special occasions are decorated with beads or sequins. Sometimes this luxurious fur cape with satin ribbons and glittering brooches.

Back to school

Dress with a white collar in the style of Soviet schoolgirls also gained enormous popularity. However, unlike the previous embodiment, collars on such boards do not have sharp, well rounded edges. Silhouette in "uniforms" straight or tapered, which also refers to a high school student. School dress Soviet girls were most often self-colored (blue, brown or black dress with a white collar). But today is highly relevant colors in the Scottish cage red or green colors. The length of the dress looks more successful if it is just above the knee, but in Soviet times knees schoolgirls were always covered. Short sleeve modern "school" dress and refreshing way, long sleeve looks, alas, old-fashioned. Do not forget that the current model - a pastiche of the old days, to copy the style of the Soviet Union, the designers did not intend.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

From what to wear?

Of course, wearing a dress, should not be completely transformed into a schoolgirl-pioneer, wear white socks, sandals flat shoes and throw on a back pack or backpack. In contrast to profitably supplement outfit can be worn under his thick black tights and shoes plain black or other colors, depending on the colors attire. As the bag is best to choose a simple clutch or a fashionable bag on a long strap that gently support the selected school theme.

Office style

Little black dress gave the world famous icon of style and fashion Coco Chanel. And now, for every area of ​​life: work, dating, or go out of ordinary everyday life - there is a version of the little black dress.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

The strict black dress-cases made of thick fabric costume, gathering the silhouette, of course, essential for the office, but more fresh and original, they will look like, if we add to it a stylish collar. So that the image looks more solid and complete, you can tie at the waist belt in color matches the color of the collar. If there is no sleeve dress, you can throw on the shoulders of a strict jacket or soft cardigan in black, gray or beige. Shoes is best to choose on the heels of medium length, always classic style. And, most importantly, regardless of the color looks best a dress with a white collar or a collar made of black leather. Pearl collar dress closer to the style of the English queen or princess Kate Middleton - restrained, but very elegant. This image does not require additional accessories and jewelery.


Initially, cuffs and collars - shirts attributes, but with time men's shirts themselves were transformed into part of women's wardrobe, namely in a dress-shirt.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

More Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of the cult TV series "Sex and the City" has demonstrated to women all over the world as well be wearing a man's shirt, which is on fragile female figure looks like a real dress. Tucked sleeves three-quarter and tightened waist belt, stylish heroine Sarah Jessica Parker to create a unique fashion and a very bold way - dress with collar and cuffs. Today, there is no need to select clothing items from her husband or boyfriend, shop shelves are crammed with all sorts of options of dresses, shirts, among which is the oversize (dimensionless) of the male silhouette, and strict office, and dress with a collar in the form of coats, and even a safari style - on all tastes and occasions.

Dress with collar and cuffs. Black dress with a white collar

So the collar of the dress today - is the hallmark of the fashion style that is either already built into the dress, or it can be purchased separately and to add them to your favorite clothes.